I keep thinking what I'm talking about, and I try to make sense out of things in my mind that don't make any sense... I try to make sense out of nonesense, and it drives me insane. I somtimes wonder if I really am crazy, or on the brink of craziness, or if I'm extremely far away from it all. I think I'm crazy, then I also think I'm crazy for thinking I'm crazy. But things are in my mind, swirling around like a whirlpool... not making any sense, they don't seem to have a point, or a purpose... they're just.. there. Floating around in nothingness. I wonder why I'm so young, and thinking such thoughts. I'm only 14 years old, and do not even know where I stand in this world, or who I am... and I'm thinking like I'm having a mid life cristis or somthing of the sort. But I know I'm not, I think that I'm not alone and that everyone my age feels and thinks this way at one point or another, but yet I feel like I'm alone... alone, and going crazy... going out of my mind.. not knowing what to do.. searching for an answer... but what was the question? Was there ever a question?