Honestly, to love the business, you have to be involved in it yourself. It teaches you so much.. about respect. Respect for yourself, and respect for other artists really. Its insane... the difference in your opinion is so insane. Before, I would have never even thought of doing an r&b song.. but after seeing what it was all about, all the hard work that goes into it still, I was just like... woo! How could all of this stuff have blown right over my head in the beggining? How could I have not seen it? There's so much work. With producing and editing and synthasizing the sound.. is a lot more skillful than you'd think. It still shouldn't equal up to trying to get the full effect of your own instruments being played and messed around with, I still think that takes so much more talent than altering your voice. The rest of the band wasn't involved in the instrumental part of this song like I was. Some may think that thats almost rude of them.. but when they don't write it themselves, and have no experience with that type of studio process.. its kind of hard for them to make judgements on it. They stayed in the studio and asked some questions, learned about it a bit, but they really didn't even want to add their two cents, affraid of ruining the song. So they left it to the pros. Even though the rest of my band didn't actually sing in this song or play at all, they wrote the song. So Toby, Brian and I all helped the producers out in the finished touches of the song. The finishing product seems to be pretty successful so far. I'm proud of it.. and I know they are too, even though it was mostly them who were hesitant in writing a song like this. After mixing around with it.. we got it to sound our way.