School is a wierd thing. As much as people would like to say that their school is different, its not. We all have our little cliques... the jocks, the preps, the goths (trenchers, outcasts), druggies (punk druggies, jock druggies, dirty smoker druggies), nerds, skaters... etc. Its a sad fact of reality.. as much as people try to get away from the whole thing, its always going to be around. Usually its not as bad as people make it out to be on t.v and in movies though... usually the groups will interact. You'll be in a class or multiple classes with tons of people, most of them from different cliques, so you're usually not going to sit there and not talk to anyone when the people around you are usually nice and willing to chat. And then theres the fact that theres about 5 different groups of jocks, 5 different groups of skaters etc etc. There is the occasional group thats mixed, but generally.. all those people will still be into the same type of music, watch the same movies, and hang out at the same spots.

The group I'm in, is the kind where you don't have to be paranoid of someone stealing your friends away. We may get upset or feel left out sometimes, but for the most part.. we're all either extremely close, or close enough that we know we're never going to split. We've been a group for about two years.. both have which we've switched from one school to another.. so if we were ever going to split up, it would have happened then, and it didn't. We've been through enough to know that we can handle anything. We've all dated, been cheated on had our hearts broken, spent forever flirting and looking for someone. We've all had times where we've gone for a night to try something new with a different group of people, or hung out with some different aquaintances at school.. but its all passed, those people come and go into our lives.. we're always meeting new people, but the thing is we're usually meeting them together.. the group acts almost as one person, even if we're split in half sometimes while doing things. People come and go.. and we stay together, helping eachother out through it all. Its like a constant family.. except one you can be more friendly with if you ever feel the urge. Sure we've all hurt eachother our own share of times.. screwed up a bunch, but we're only human, and its never made any of us love one another less or think of one another less. You never have to worry about what you say or how you act.. you can be as stupid as you want, you never have to worry about your image or wearing something they might not think is "cool". They don't care if you like some band that they might think is pathetic. We're all the same... yet at times we're so different that thats what keeps us interesting. We have a relatively equal taste in everything, and if not, we all have open enough minds to respect one anothers choices.. and either way, same tastes or not, we could still probably always finish one anothers sentences without even trying or thinking about it. Which just proves how we mindlessly hang out with eachother so often. Theres a few of us... me and Kyle... Christian and Kristine (dating) or whatever who might be a bit closer to eachother than the others.. but it doesn't mean we care about everyone else any less. We try not to think of ourselves as an actual "GROUP" just a bunch of friends hanging out and having fun. We grow together and then apart again with so many other people... but yet the rest of us just keep growing closer together. Learning new things everyday... getting to know eachother a bit better every day with things that're going on in our lives. Before them I didn't know what it was like to feel important, to know that even when you're alone at home, you're still being thought of by all of your friends, and no one ever talks bad behind your back... because everything is out in the open. It leaves a lot of room for arguments and jelousy to get into the picture.. but its better than it getting left out and being found out later from someone else who might make it seem worse than it actually is. So no matter what.. its all good. No matter how much someone is hurting, or what they're hurting from.. it can always be made better, and when we're happy... the happiness is spread around. No worries about someone coming in and snatching someone away, and if they do we know it'll only be a short period of time before they realize what they're doing and fix it. When you're at home alone, whether your friends are out together, with other people or alone also.. you know that not a day (usually not even a couple hours, or on occasion minutes) goes by where they're not thinking about you... which makes you still feel special, even if they decide to make other plans with people they hardly know.. sometimes its taken as an insult thinking we're not good enough, but all it is, is them wanting to get out and try something new.. its not like it would turn into them all of a sudden getting up an leaving the group. No matter how cool these other people may seem, it would hurt so many people to do that so we know it'd never happen.. and other groups can rest assure it would never happen either.. we don't go around snatching people from other groups and trying to get them to always come places with us. Theres always occasions where a few people we don't usually hang out with, or never hang out with at all come and do something with us... and we'll have fun, yadda yadda.. whatever, but usually we'll go and do something the next weekend without those people.. and think, damn they were cool but I like it better this way.. like old times... like old times that aren't old times, they're present times.. but usually we use that phrase anyway. Sooo all in all..the point is, cliques aren't always so bad.. as long as they don't go around being a completely hateful group, dissing everyone who's not like them.. which I'm sure some do. But if you're in a clique..your attitude is usually that people who mock your group can go to hell, because you have your friends as a security blanket.. always breaking your fall, behind your back all the time no matter what. Don't have to worry about impressing anyone.. don't have to worry about not having anyone there for you, because theres always someone.