Here's some other people, in no particular order, that can't be forgotten =0)

Phil Tremblay- Yes, yes Phil is a strange one. We used to disagree on a lot of things, but then we became friends because we started skipping together a lot last year, hahh. What a way to make friends. But hey, everyone needs a few skipping buddies here and there don't they? Now it's just turned into an every double block during my spare thing, not for much longer though, until sometime in November. He moved away for a while in the summer, and it pretty much sucked for everyone, but no worries no worries, he came back.
Katie McDonald- Formerly known as Kate by many people. She was always KATIE to me. Heh, well I've known her for about 3 years and been good friends with her for around 2 years. Still never met her, but it'll happen pretty soon I'm sure, she only lives a few hours away! Ah well, we keep in touch by calling, e-mailing chatting, sending pics and letters.. you know how it is. She's extremely halarious, and whenever I need to talk to her about something I can, and it's often pretty easy, because she doesn't live here, so she can keep secrets pretty well, heh, and because she's so easy going. I think she's like a sister to me in some ways, we've faught before but are still friends to this day, so you know... it's all good =) Lylas Katie.
Luke Formosa- Hmm hm, well I've known Luke as long as I've known Kyle, but like he easily confesses to, he used to mock me a lot in elementry school. Funny how everyone else denies it, but Luke doesn't.. way to go buddy. Oh well, we've been friends a couple of years now. He's actually in one of my classes this year, socials..oOoO, great class eh? Not.. but we make it a bit more amusing at least. Well well, Luke used to be a skipping buddy too, but not this year =( Ah well.
Sean Clayton- Sean's a pretty cool guy, we also go way back, but only been friends a couple of years. We've had some good times frolicking around Langford, mostly the summer before last, but last summer a bit too. I've never actually heard him play, but I hear he's a pretty crazy bass player. We've been meaning to get together, him, Jarrod and I, and jam a bit. But he works, and he skates a lot too, so ya know. But Sean's a cool a guy =) he'd be a lot better if he didn't do so many god damned drugs though, tsk tsk.
Austin Davis- Yes yes, good times.. or something? I knew him last year, but it's funny really... him and Eric, the 2 of 'em always bein' together, were almost intimidating. Kyle was friends with Eric so Austin was always around too. No need to fret, I discovered this summer at Amanda's party, he's not nearly as scary as everyone thinks he is. But really, no one thinks he's scary.. he's got a ton of friends, cause he's a pretty friendly guy. Since my other friends were on drugs and such, he was pretty much the one Sarah and I hung out with at Tyler's party, yup yup.. he's a good guy.
Eric Hutchings- He's a strange one.. seems to think he's the master of rock paper scissors, but I won't complain cause I suck, so there's no competition there with me. Last year he started calling Sarah and I, Betty and Veronica, but that didn't stick for so long.. now he just calls me Sarah, and calls Sarah Ashley. Gotta give him some points for creativity though, eh? He's a pretty nice guy, last year of all the people who hung around me and my friends sometimes, he was the only one who actually acknowledged me and didn't try and shut me out from the group like I wasn't there, which is how he became my friends =)

Now for some school friends and aquaintances that definately cannot be forgotten...
Missy Mondoux- Ahh, heh Missy's my concert buddy, we always meet up at the local gigs. She's in my science class this year, YAY, so we talk pretty often. The chicken foot went up your nose! (Actually it went up mine, but you know)
Amanda Hodgkinson- Heeeey yes, I've known Amanda since kindergarten! And like other people from elementry, we were actually friends then! Until grade 2 when I moved, but then we were friends again in High School. Wooowee, Mandy has fun parties! Yeah yeah, indeed.
Mike Curruthers- Chicken Legs, not that we ever call him that anymore.. but you know, now we just call him Curruthers, original eh? Well he's recently converted into liking a lot of ska and punk music, so he gets points for that. I also associated with him from grade 9 on, so he gets points for being one of the nice ones back then, he's still pretty nice. Yay for you!
Johno Ritchie- Stupid stupid boy, moved to the other side of the country. Pff, well, what can ya do eh? It was all for the best (for him at least). I was pretty upset when he left, but it's been a while now so ya know.. he keeps saying he'll come visit but then he never does.. *sigh* at least we're still in touch though! I feel a little special being the only person back here that he still talks to =) He's a cool guy.
Janine Reitsma- oOoO..another person who didn't hate me in elementry school! Goodie, heh. Yeah she was pretty nice back then, and is still really friendly. She's goin out with Eric, all together now.. aaaaaww. Yeah, and she works at Panago.. probably can't get us free pizza, but that's OKAY. She's one cool chick anyway.
Hooray, okay now, last but not least.. Samantha Hall (also a science buddy), Matt, Tyler (this boy has some seriously crazy parties), Christian, Shauna, Lucas (helping to populate the world with drummers), Tash, Vanessa, Jenna, Kristy, Erin, Amanda M, Rena, Jes (don't get to talk to you much anymore sicne you moved), Jesse, Tyler (other one), and evverryyyone else who I probably forgot (forgot is such a strong word.. *sigh*) sorry guys =)