Since all of these poems were written by me, and are therefore mine, don't use them for any reason without my permission.

*Note- Yessss, please do note that some of these poems were written as far back as '97, I don't even remember why I wrote half of the first ones. These poems are just a blubbering of my thoughts put into a bunch of paragraphs so that I could call them poems, they're not supposed to be good(!), they're just my feelings.*

Count On It ::: No More Worries ::: Falling Apart ::: Trying to Beleive ::: Come Back ::: Not Forgiven ::: Different ::: Pain ::: Fear Of Nothing ::: Do I Love Him? ::: Your Eyes ::: About A Friend ::: Someone ::: To the One ::: Searching ::: Looking ::: Comfort ::: He Just Knew ::: A Single Tear ::: Take Me Away ::: Passing By ::: In The Night ::: Christmas Eve ::: Imperfection

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