Dear Editor:

I'm glad the editorial page of your newspaper gives people the chance to express their opinion, because today I have an opinion I want to share.

Its about kids. The ones I see don't appear to be contributing to our city or our Canadian culture. I'm tired of seeing them hanging around malls smoking and getting in peoples way. If they don't have any money to shop, what are they doing there? On occasion, I've also seen store security leading these kids away for shopplifting. The ones who don't get caught only cause the prices to ride for honest people like me. I've also heard about purse snatching by these young people occuring in the malls.

I'm also sick of the health and education tax I pay being ued to educate kids. Why should I pay for their education? They could get jobs and pay their own way, or get their relatives to help out.

I'm also sick and tired of reckless skateboarders speeding irresponsibly on our roadways and sidewalks, causing car accidents and unjuring pedestrians. We have no interest in this part of being a kid, so why should we allow it here at all?

The kids I see hanging around the malls and in arcades are not contributing to our society, unless you call the money they spend on junk food, trendy cloths and things to play with a contribution. Besides, that money wasn't theirs to begin with.

My final comment has to do with the future. If these people are just going to grow up and take our jobs why should we support their being here? I say we get rid of them now, before the problem gets bigger, and keep things the way they are now for adults.

To whom it may concern:

I’m writing in response to a letter that I read in my ninth grade English class. We’re currently in the middle of a discrimination unit, and the letter we read upset us. It was a letter that an adult had written into an editor section of a newspaper. In it, the person talked about teenagers, and how they’re all trouble makers, and they should be rid of. They said we don’t contribute to society, and that the majority of teens only hang around malls, getting into trouble and smoking. Despite what people may think, the majority of teens that I know, don’t smoke or do drugs. And sure we hang around malls, but most are shopping, or browsing, not shoplifting or causing any other trouble.

Teens do plenty, and give plenty to society and to our communities. At Christmas time we help out, and donate to food hampers, and at my school our woodworking classes made wooden toys and donated them to the children at the hospital, going there ourselves to give them. Lots of teens I know, among others, do community work at their own will, and on their own free time.

Its mostly adults who do the more serious crimes, like murder and things like that, not teens. But by saying that I’m acting just as the person who wrote the letter was, by generalizing adults just as she generalized teens. Although its true for some adults, not most of them. Same goes for teens, some, but not a lot. Not enough to say all teens in general. Especially since my school, and a lot of others have started crime stopping programs.

They also said in the letter that they shouldn’t be paying for our education, that we should get jobs and pay for it ourselves. First of all, you have to have an education before you can get a good job, or at least some of an education. Last time I checked, that was the reason we go to school. So we can learn, get smart then go out and get jobs. At our age the best job we can get is fast food, and some of us can’t even get that. And it still only gives us enough money for spending on personal things like cloths and books so we don’t have to expect so much money from our parents. And whether we got the money from a job, or as allowance from our parents, its not like we stole it, so technically it is ours if it was given to us.

The last comment in the letter was that we should be rid of because we’re just going to grow up and take their jobs from them. Well, newsflash, we are the future whether that person likes it or not, and we need positive role models. People who continuously falsely accuse us, and criticize us, aren’t that. When they said we were going to take their jobs, well if they’re complaining one minute about how we need to get jobs to pay for our education, and the next they’re saying that we shouldn’t get jobs, because we’d be stealing them? And its mostly young people who are pumping your gas for you, and we’re the ones who are probably going to be taking care of you in a nursing home 30 or more years down the line. Once again I’m not trying to generalize adults and say that they all discriminate against teens, but that one person, and others are slowing doing that. Some just don’t remember what it was like to be a teenager I guess. The adults who are acting this way need to get their facts straight and realize that teens and young people contribute to society, and their communities, plenty.


Ashley Hughes