Music Isn't To Blame

More often than not, when I get mad, or sad, I feel like writing. In this particular case, I'm mad. After just watching a bit of Much More Music's behind the music special, about the years 99/00 music, and a section about Columbine, and if the whole thing was really related to music.

I'm not about to write all of this, just because I'm a huge Marilyn Manson fan. I know many people who hate Marilyn Manson, but feel the same way. People who think acts such as Marilyn, Insane Clown Posse, or Rammstein are the reason many people have been going on murderous rampage, obviously don't know what music is about. Real music, isn't just how catchy a tune is, its the feeling, and the emotions that the artist puts into their lyrics. I've related to so many songs, by Manson, Korn.. and so many different artists. And trust me, it helps a lot to know that you're not alone, and theres someone out there, (one of your favorite bands none the less) that feel the same way you do. These artists have taken there lives, not matter how bad, heartbreaking, or brutal they've been, and their most personal thoughts (yes, a lot of them are negitive feelings) and they've turned it all into the most positive thing.. music. How else do you expect they would have taken out all their anger, all their hatred.. and all their negitive thoughts? Maybe they'd go out and rob a bank, or they'd consider walking down the street and shooting random people.. or even suicide. But they never even thought twice about doing anything of the sort, they sat down.. and they wrote songs about it. They put all their emotion into their music. And they make this music, hoping that theres kids and/or adults.. anyone out there, who will relate to their music, and feel releif after listening to it, just as they felt it after writing it.

In some other occasions, the negitive things they're singing about, is often a refering to the world. To all the sick, disguisting people in this world who have crap for brains, and actually do this stuff. If you don't listen carefully, you could take it the wrong way, and think they're promoting violence, or abuse... which they're not. They're just singing about it, making people aware that this is whats happening around them, and this is what could happen to them, a situation they could end up in.. etc. Think about it logically... these people who go on rampages, and shoot people, and kill themselves.... do you honestly think they weren't feeling this way before they started listening to the music?? I bet 9.9999 times out of 10, they would have done it anyhow. It just happens to be a coincidence that all of... say, 0.01% of people who do this happen to have listened to that type of music. If these people wanted to do this enough that they actually did do it, they would have done it anyhow... whether they were listening to the music, or not. And no where in any song I've ever heard, has an artist specifically said... "go out and shoot people." Saying that these people did what they did because they listened to some Marilyn Manson song, is like saying some teenagers who break up with their lovers do it because they heard some Britney Spears, or Backstreet boys song. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Its no different at all. Music has some-what of an influence on people, but it doesn't tell them to go out and kill people, or themselves.