"Now I really know, My my I could never let you go"

Sarah Moser
Ah, well I met Sarah through Kristine I think? I'm pretty sure we met her once in grade 8 at a dance but didn't think much of it, but then in grade 9 Kristine was in her science class and they started talking. I was in her social studies class, but I had friends in that class so I only ever associated with her when we needed to borrow her or Kaitlyn's pencil crayons. She was also in both Kristine and I's musical theatre class. So, at a winter dance, when Kristine was grounded and I was semi friends with the Cow at that point, I mostly tried to hang around with Sarah because I was confused as to who I should go with, since I knew Kyle etc hated the Cow by then.

So anyhoo, by the middle of grade 9 she was pretty much hanging out with us at school, but it took a while for our friends to accept her, because she was the younger sister of one of their best friends sisters friends. I know it makes no sense to read it, but if you were here you'd know. So eventually, everyone was like.. woaah she's pretty cool, and voila! A lot of times when Kristine would go away on trips with her swim team, Sarah would save the day and I'd have someone in Musical Theatre to hang out with, and it was nice at lunch time and break because often the posse would be just that.... a posse, who's posse I don't know, but sometimes there'd just be so many people and all in one big circle, and at the time I wasn't compeltely used to being the only girl in a group of guy friends, so I'd talk to a few of 'em for a bit and end up leaving to go with Sarah somewhere. Once the whole ordeal with Kristine/Christian happened, Sarah became my only close female friend. Not because I only wanted her to be, but because that's the way it worked out... I liked it a lot better having 2 female friends, but what can ya do, it all worked out in the end.

Sarah's parents are very cool, her mom used to be really awesome with giving rides. I swear I don't know how she put up with driving so many of us everywhere all the time! And for free too! Sarah's always been pretty big on sarcasm, but that doesn't stop her from being serious when she has to... if me or anyone else has a problem or is upset, she's always willing to cheer 'em up =) She's helped me out in many times of need, and since she's the only female that I rely on so much, I'm that much closer to her because it's only her. A lot of the time we can't stand a lot of other chicks, especially in large, giggly, halter top, short skirt-ish grade 10 groups. I think I'm at least partly responsible (I guess Kristine was a bit too..) for turning Sarah onto some better music, or I at least encouraged her to spread on the greatness that is non pop/rap. According to some people (well, according to Eric) I'm Betty and she's Veronica. It was originally the other way around but we switched it. Now there's a new trend going around with him too, apparently I'm Sarah, and she's Ashley. So you can see how our two-some ness effects those around us. But anyhow, I guess you could say that Sarah is like a sister to me. She's a great chick and I love her, so hopefully she'll stay around a lot longer than ones in the past =0)