I look at you, and wonder what it is
Wonder what it is thats keeping you away
Whats keeping you away from wanting me
Because I would give it all up
To have you by my side
I would give it all up, to gain back my pride
My self esteem has dropped down to a high low
And I've been spending time, wondering which direction to go
Which way to turn, and who to turn to
Wondering why my thoughts aren't making sense
Wondering why you don't want me

I don't understand how you can like someone so much
Who won't ever like you back
Who won't ever be feeling the way you are
At the very moment

You feel as light as a feather
And your heart as heavy as a brick, inside of your body
Falling through all the roofs, and breaking through all the gates
Your mind makes you dizzy
Your thoughts make you cry
And the thoughts that I have
When dreaming about you, make me want to die
I know you don't want it
And I want it more then anything
To be with you, and chase the world away
To take the chance of being yours, just for one day