"I love to look into your deep brown eyes, They talk to me and seem to hypnotize"

Kyle Lake
Hmm hm hm.. what to say about Kyle. Too many things probably, some of which aren't exactly relevant. I met Kyle a long long time ago, back in the day. You know.. the day, back a long time ago? Well anyway, it was back in his day of the Weird Al obsession, which at the time I admit I did find quite frightening.. but come on, I was like 9, and I hardly knew him at the time. When you're brought up to listen to Bryan Adams, Kim Mitchel, Pat Bentar, Madonna, and Kiss (to name a few), this is kind of a disturbing thing, you know? But have no fear, we worked out our differences.. eventually, once we found out that there in fact weren't actually any differences. After we went through that period of not bothering to know eachother, and then the period that many don't even know happened where we hated eachother because Kristine and I thought he was trying to steal away our best friend. You know.. some shit was said, something along the lines of stick it up your ass, sit on this and rotate, etc etc.. but you know, we decided to be mature about it in the end and get past those things.. and we befriended for the first time in Coulter's grade 8 social studies class.

Strange how things work out isn't it? So eventually, this so-called "friend" that Kristine and I were affraid of Kyle taking from us, ppff we ended up taking him from her. Along with a lot of other people, but you know.. shit happens. I made a lot of new good friends out of the deal. By the end of our grade 9 year, I knew who my true best friend was going to be from then on.

Many people are often disturbed or frightened by seeing Kyle and I sometimes.. like Amanda once said, and.. pretty much everyone else once/always said/says, we fight like a married couple. Although what some of them don't realize is that this is all in good fun folks... don't you think that if it wasn't we'd both be a little bit more distraught by now? Trust me, if one of us was to be serious about what we fight about, there would be some hell to pay. Which is a good bonus of having Kyle as my best friend, when we fight.. there's some fists thrown in, you know.. instead of just going days without talking, hanging up on eachother, you know dragging it out forever for no reason like most people these days do. By the end of the day the brawl is pretty much complete and we're all friendly like when the day began. Hmm... but luckily this only happens once in a blue moon, we usually see eye to eye. Which is why it works so well. It's so nice to have someone who you can come crying to, and at the same time, can physically beat on, because I won't break any bones doing it (any of my bones at least).

So all in all...I have grown to love Kyle a lot, he's helped me through things other people may not have ever understood, or accepted. Not just things like friends coming and going (although that was a hard thing too.. having eachother made it easier though), but bigger things like physical health of family members, mental health, sexuality.. heavy issues. Often I don't even have to tell him what or when somethings wrong, because he just knows. It's like when friends finish eachothers sentences, they just know, ya know? And we have a pretty interesting history too, we've been through a lot more than most friends can handle now-a-days. His mom says I'm the daughter she never had, which I guess is understandable enough. He's pretty much the only person who's stuck by me this many years, and he's not going anywhere. I love him to death.

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