Kristine MacInnis
Age: 16

Kristine and I met in grade 8 and I became friends with her and her other friends right away, and have been friends with her ever since. We had a lot of the same classes together then, which is pretty much how we met. We've been friends with a lot of people since we became friends, and we managed to stay good friends through it all. The both of us became friends with our present friends at the same time, because we all had a lot in common, and at the time of becoming friends with them her and I were pretty much at a point where it was pretty much only the two of us.. so luckily we found them (Kristine had also dated Kyle back in grade 8.. haahh funny stuff).

In grade 8 and 9 and a bunch of years before that, she synchronize swimmed competatively, but she stopped after grade 9 so she could have more free time and so she could get a job. She did get a job, pretty much right in September, and she also got her license to go along with that (she gets to drive a new yellow VW Bug!)

She wants to be a fashion designer when she's older, which is good because she pretty much is one already. We used to have some big plan about how we were going to go to University in Nova Scotia for fashion and become these big designers... but then it turned into just a little shop in Victoria which I think is a lot cooler. I think she's pretty much gone solo on that one though, but I could work for her on the side, heh heh.

Even though we've fought a few times (we always get over them eventually) and her and one of my other friends pretty much hate eachother right now, we try to not let that get to us. So all in all, Kristine's a good friend of mine and I'm thankful for that.