For once in my long and dull boring life
An angel appeared and I forgot about strife
I forgot about worry, depression, and despair
And all I could think of was that you were there
You belong with another who won your heart's prize
And being without you brings tears to my eyes
Soon you are leaving and may never return
And till the day that you do in sorrow I'll burn
Sorrow and longing are all that I feel
For if I were able I'd be close on your heel
To the ends of the earth I would follow you dear
But you are another's, so lonely I fear
Is how I shall feel for a very long time
Until perhaps someday your heart meets with mine
From so close I see you yet you're so far away
And I can bear my feelings till some other day
I wish I could tell you how I care, how I feel
But I fear all it would cause is just great deal
Of heartache, confusion, and most of all pain
And you really don't need to be hurt once again
So with these parting words I bid you Adieu
Now I sit and I pray that you feel the same to