Jarrod Gawne
I met Jarrod last year, in the middle of the year sometime. I didn't even know he existed until then, I never saw him before! I was like..oOohh new guy, but he wasn't, he had been there all year. He was friends with Christian, and this is while I was still friends with Kristine, so ya know I met him and stuff. We weren't really friends at the beggining, Kristine didn't even like him. I always thought he was cool though, from the minute we were standin' there at Kristine's locker and he asked me for a thumb war, I was like... woah, I don't even know this guy and he wants a thumb war, with me, thats deep. A couple months later, after hearing the scoop on him from Kristine and such, we started talking more. I went to see Lythic Blue and Limestone with him in April, and after that we were pretty much friends. See, and it's amusing.. cause if we were ever to be married, my name would be Ashley Dawn Gawne, hahh hee hah.

Around the middle of summer we hung out a lot (couldn't at the beggining because we were both out of town for a while). You know, we had the usual watching movies in the Monkey until 3 AM thing happening almost everynight, and we went to Thetis a couple of times too =) Yes yes, excellent. At the beggining of the summer I wasn't doing too good, and I honestly beleive that the reason I was feeling better by August was mostly because I was spending so much time with Jarrod. He pretty much saved me out of the rut I was in. Now he doesn't stay over so late, but you know we do a little of this a little of that, many-a times at St Vincent De Paul or Salvation army.. like the time with the rain and the robe, eeh, eh? He's one of the only people I know who can stay so happy most of the time, and be friendly to people even in those rare times that he's not happy.

He introduced me to some pretty cool music (not that the music I already listened to wasn't cool, he just kind of added some other stuff on). He's the most amazing guitar player that I know, and god only knows why he wants me playing in a band with him, but he's got a lot of faith in me and the fact that I can get a lot better with some practicing with other instruments. But, in conclusion, Jarrod is an awesome friend, very glad that I met him.