I Tell Myself

I tell myself, the love is gone
But in the same breath a little voice
Whispers "its still there"
I tell myself, I don't miss you,
but everyday, everywhere, I look for you.
I tell myself it wasn't ment to be,
But in remembering how good it was
I find that difficult to believe
I tell myself I don't really care
While the sound of your voice
Makes my heart leap.
I tell myself, love will come again
Yet at the same time I wonder
Whom you will be loving then.
I tell myself its over
But my heart refuses to accept that.
I tell myself to forget you
and I try, I really try
but you make it hard to do
By staying in my mind
I tell myself that no one
Is worth this much pain
But no one has givin me
So much happiness
I tell myself life isn't so bad without you
even I wish you were
....in my life again.