What made things this way
I never asked for any of it

You don't even know me
Stay away and no one gets hurt
My heart can stay undone for good

The way your unfamiliar breath
Seeps into my air
Absorbs into my skin
The way your eyes shift
When they smile at mine

Your hair, so delicately imperfect
The ease and carefree way you let it be

Your skillful way of sucking me into
Your imperfectly goodness
A hole I don't think I can escape
It's dark and theres no where else to go

I don't even know you
Take your charm and your smile
And your imperfectly perfect teeth
Which you use to seducingly smile upon me

Take yourself away from me
Let me go back to my old ways of being
It would be mistaken
Won't get me anywhere
Won't get me out of this hole, only deeper inside