Its after 9 PM, Wednesday night.. the first night back from my trip to Winnipeg. I've been with my friends all day, hanging out, and just plain old being around eachother. None of my friends have ever had a problem with that, or gotten bored with it. We simply enjoy eachothers company. We often just walk around our neighborhood, talking and laughing.. people drive by, and give us dirty looks. They think we're on pot, and up to no good.. when really, we're just enjoying the night time summer air, and hanging out. Is it really that big of a crime? So we're sitting there on the swings of our old elementry school, surrounded by 3 quarters of our closest friends, eachother. Everyone's just kind of sitting there, but I'm swinging really high, enjoying the breeze. Its pretty dark by that time, and the lights outside the school are on, but its still pretty dark down on the bottom feild. I've got the biggest natural high in the world, just swinging on this swing, listening, talking and laughing with my closest friends, its the best feeling in the world. I just keep looking up at the sky and smiling, having the time of my life. The time of my life, just swinging on a cool summers night.