He Just Knew

He knew what I was thinking
Before I thought it myself

He knew how I felt
Before I felt it myself

He read my mind
And finished my sentances
A connection so far away
A connection cut off

A need to blame someone
A need to hate

I tried to hate him
Tried to blame him
Shut myself out from the friend I once knew

Imagin spilling out your heart
And not having to say all your feelings
They feel them for you
They help you realize

You're stronger than you think
They tell you not to worry
Everything's alright
Don't let yourself be your own worst enemy

Imagin not being affraid
To say whats on your mind
Not being affraid to screw up
You know they'll feel the same
They won't judge or hold it against

Yet you still look for a reason
Theres no reason
But you hate anyway..
..You hate what you've done