I wish I could run away
Start my life over again
Things for me might be better
My past life might be forgotten
I'd try to hide from the wounds I have
And make sure I never get hurt
Find someone to love and protect me
And in return, someone I could love
But what is love?
I once heard someone say
It doesn't make you very happy
In the long run, I might get hurt
Should I run from that too?
If I keep running, who will I be?
Should I stop running and face life as it is?
Just forget the bad, and remember the good
And just be happy?
In the end, its just a show
I'm still hurting inside
My heart is still scared
I'm still the same old me
Living in this Hell-hole we call life
Where no one seems to care about you
And they're oblivious to the fact they've hurt you
I want to be heard
Just this once
Have someone listen to me
And maybe try to understand
Someone who likes me for me
That will be the day
When I can stop putting on this show
And finally believe in happiness