Okay, now that I've got your attention.. muahah. Actually, I wasn't just using that to get your attention, this is actually a page about sex. That's right, I'm dedicating a page to possibly one of society's most controversial issues, and my definate favourite thing to do (hah hah).

"If I'm in charge and I treat you like a child Will you let yourself go wild Let my mouth go where it wants to. Give it up and do as I say, give it up and let me have my way"

The inspiration for this page, came while listening to Madonna's, "Erotica". The chorus, to go along with part of a verse I posted above Erotic, erotic put your hands all over my body.

"Did I say something wrong
Oops I didn't know I couldn't talk about sex.. I musta been crazy
Did I stay too long
Oops I didn't know I couldn't speak my mind.. What was I thinking"

"Drinkin champaigne is her past time Making hot love is the main line. Money buys love and a wild time Making hot love is the main line."

Above, a lyric from Pat Benatar's "Rated X", appropriatly named. Artists like Madonna and Pat Benatar who started up in the 70's/80's aren't the only performers who openly sing about it.

Boooo Britney. Shoot me. Please shoot me now.

I'm pretty sure the whole Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll phase started around the time that all the old Punk, Grunge and Rock bands came out. The Doors, Guns and Roses, Queen, the Sex Pistols. It was continued on by bands like Nirvana, and even a bit by Aerosmith and bands of those rock and grunge genre's. Sex and relationships are the most common thing sung about in songs, naturally, because it's what makes the world go 'round.

"Where's the love? It's not enough, it make's the world go 'round and around"

The age of those singing about it is getting younger and younger, as I demonstrated in the above lyric, from Hanson's "Where's the Love?" I think they were a bit behind the times with that song. You don't need love to make the world go around anymore. These days all you need is sex. No need for love when you can have sex... lots of sex. But hey, accidents happen. It's a good thing.

More to come. Also coming soon... sex appeal in magazines, sex in movies (I sense a pattern forming...).