Farmers Daughter: OoooOoOo...fun fun! Give me a break people, I was like.. 11! Barely. And at the time I liked country music a lot, and hey.. I still prefer it to rap. But we're here to talk about concerts, not my taste in music, so let's get on with it shall we. It was an outdoor concert, at the Saanich Fair grounds. I went with my mom, and an old friend of mine. After one of the other bands had finished, my friend and I snuck up to the front and took some peoples seats on the grass, so we were right up front the whole time. The band themselves was pretty good, for being a country band and all. But it's definatly not one of my most memorable concerts.

Paul Brant: Again, I was quite young. I also went to this one with my mom, and a friend of mine. At the time.. again, let me remind you that country music was the "in" thing with my friends and I. It was my first indoor concert next to Fred Penner and such when I was younger, and it was quite loud (well for it being a first concert and all). There was an opening act.. but I forget who she was. But either way.. the concert was pretty crazy, in a 90's, country kinda way.

The Moffatts: I had only been a fan of them for a few months.. but hey, I still liked them enough to wait in line at 6 in the morning and get few tickets for 2 of my friends, and one of them's mom and sister. We ended up getting second row centre, as opposed to the seats we had in the middle of the balcony for Paul Brant. This was one of my first real concerts where I actually had fun, and knew the songs. And of course.. typical Moffatt tradition.. Scott taking off his shirt halfway through the show and throwing it into the audience and watching about 20 different pre-pubescent (or in some cases older) girls fight over it. For a bunch of 15 year olds, these guys could play. Their voices made them sound 15, but their musical skills made them look much older.

The Moffatts w/ The Boomtang Boys: The Moffatts, this time were back with a bit of a new look. Not a lot of new songs this time around, considering it was only a few months later, but they did seem a lot older. And again, their musical talent awed the older faces (ones who could actually appreciate them for their music.. hence, fans' parents). After a few minor difficulties with seating arrangements which I won't get into... we managed to go from 17th row where we had watched the Boomtang Boys from (we weren't fans.. so it didn't exactly bother us any that we couldn't see them) to 7th row, where we stayed the rest of the show. They were nothing compared to our second row at the first concert, but they were still pretty close and we had a pretty good view. Again, with the throwing of Scott's shirt which resulted in one of my friends getting a large peice of it, followed by an a capella by the boys, of Boys II Men's "End of The Road" which.. might I add, they sang exceptionally well, for them being white and all. The crowd was a little more jumpy and rowdy and loud at this concert. Especially when, halfway through their first number, a giant Canadian flag dropped down at the back, as the backdrop for the rest of the show. Afterwards, upon waiting for a few hours outside the theatre and finally getting to meet them... in all, it was an outstandingly good show.

Great Big Sea w/ Melonie Doane: I went to this one with my mom, amunst a bunch of rowdy Newfies and East Coasters turned West Coasters. I had never heard of the opening act Melonie Doane before, but let me tell you... she was pretty damn good. Every song, she was at a different instrument, there were few songs that she wasn't actually playing anything for. Mostly the violin (a natural Natalie McMaster) and the piano or keyboards, but a lot of the guitar too. Her songs were pretty rock-ish and mostly upbeat. Great Big Sea was intresting... being in the 4th row, we had a good view of them and how they were playing their instruments. I didn't know what half of them were, but yet they still seemed to somehow come together and make a unique rock/celtic sound, it was pretty cool.

The Tea Party w/ Edwin: Who knows why I Mother Earth wanted to get rid of Edwin.. they sure shouldn't have. He was the life of the concert, a lot more up beat and bright than the Tea Party was. The Tea Party was pretty mellow most of the time, but that didn't take away from them being extremely good. Their music is aimed at a more wiccan or paegan audience, Victoria was no acception. I admit, it wasn't an upbeat concert where you could dance around or mosh, it was more of a swaying back and forth type of concert, but the tunes were still pretty cool.

Backstreet Boys w/ The Spice Girls IMPERSINATORS: I didn't know if I should even mention this one.. but technically it was a concert. I went to this one in Ontario with Shauna when I was there visiting her. LoL.. we had a blast being like.. pretty much the oldest people there. Waiting afterwards for our ride, we hung around by the Backstreet Boy imposters (which were quite hot might I add.. and could sing a lot better than the real Backstreet Boys). It was great humourous fun.

Moist w/ Gob: We weren't the biggest of fans, but we went anyway (Kristine and I). Suprisingly, I knew Gob a lot better than I knew Moist, and I hardly knew them. Gob had never played a theatre before.. and with their really fast punk songs, I think they were quite shocked at the reaction they got out of the audience (most were just sitting on their asses watching and waiting for Moist to come out). During intermission, we ran into them (litterally) out in the lobby, and during Moist, since we were close to the front at the side near a door heading backstage, Theo (singer from Gob) was standing beside us for pretty much the whole show. Not to mention there were a few drunk, slutty groupies behind us. Moist was really good though.. David Usher sure knew how to get the crowd wild, and even walked through a few of the first rows and got mobbed and torn apart. Bbbuuut he went back on stage, and continued the song and the concert in one peice.

Chantal Kreviazuk w/ Tom Wilson: A very mellow concert, but a very good one.. if you're not narrow minded about music. Tom Wilson was pretty much some crazy old guy who played the guitar and told a bunch of jokes.. part musician, part comedian. Chantal Kreviazuk didn't have a band with her, just herself and her piano. My mom and I were in second row for this one, not that it really mattered, because we were sitting down and could see great the whole time. Chantal is pretty damn good on that piano.. although live sounded a bit weird, because I was used to hearing the more rock-ish tunes on her album, but it was still great.