The concert

I'm not too great at reviews... but here goes

Okay, as most of you know I was at a Matthew Good Band/Veal concert on the 13th. The opening act was supposed to be the Wallflowers, turned out to be Veal, who is an incredibly awesome indie band. I've been to some good concerts, but they were all at the Royal Theatre (for those of you who aren't from around here...the royal theatre is like 100 years old or somthing, and it smells funny, and its impossible to mosh there. But recently they made a place called the Central, an all ages venue at the Victoria curling club. It was a total different setting from the other 8 concerts I've been to at the Royal Theatre. I went with Kris, Kyle, G and her friend Allison. It was set up like... when you walked in the door there was food stands and places to buy cds, and then a big thing in the middle with the lights and stuff, and the bathrooms were over to the right, and over on the left was where this section for the drinkers were set up, and where you could buy beer. But anyway... during Veal, people were all jammed together, but not moshing (well half the place anyway, there was the drunks over by the beer, and some people were just standing back a bit, and others were sitting down in the tables at the back and stuff. Then during intermission, only some of the crowd went back to walk around and stuff, and the other half crammed together still. They were palying the Limp Bizkit cd, and everyone was singing, and moshing... (not jumping up and down moshing, just... moving the whole crowd back and forth moshing...) and the high dudes in front of us were talkin' about a bizkit concert they went to. But anyway... so me and Kris wanted to get into the middle, but our friends didn't second that idea too well, so me and Kristine were like, okay Matt Good is comin on soon... lets get to the front, so on the count of 3 we started shoving our way through, and like 30 seconds later when Matt Good came on, people went nuts... all the tall people, PLUS there hands were all in the air..I felt SO small... when they started playin' the first song, me and Kris had our hands locked together SO tightly so we wouldn't get lost (someone later broke us apart and we had to find our way back...) and we were in the mosh pit for a while... like, dead centre...a few people from the front, but we couldn't really see anything cuz we couldn't breath and people kept falling onto us after crowd surfin' (yeeeahhhh...!) so we went out a bit... to where the moshing wasnt SO bad. It was like... the people at the back who just sat or stood there, and the drunks over on the left... then the people who kind of jumped and sang... then there was the semi mosh pit... them the more mosh pit.. where you could still kind of breath... then the MAJOR mosh pit where it was AWESOME...(we were only in it twice though, we were in the, almost mosh pit most of the time) so yeah, there was like...layers of crowd, and our friends wouldn't come in, cuz Allison was wearing sandals, G couldn't ruin her hair, and Kyle was too chicken. But yeah... it was SO awesome... dude, it was the best... there was people who had beer spilt all over them, and people actually LIGHTING up... in the middle of the mosh pit! And there were cops at the back! It was crazy man, a crazy show. My feet are bruised, and I got few bruises on my arm, experienced 10 minutes with almost no breathing, and almost got a black eye... but it was SO worth it!! Yeah... I kind of reaked of beer and weed by the time I got out... but thats alright.. lol good thing my mom didn't think I actually did anything! Yep, thats it... it was an AWESOME concert, I recomend you see the Matt Good Band if they come to your town.