Story review, and characters.

The In Betweens - The story is basically about the ups and downs and, you guessed it... in betweens of teen life. But not just any old teen life, a rather... twisted and disturbed one. The rating ranges from PG13 to read at your own risk. All events are based on a true story, names of characters and places are changed, and story lines are altered some. All celebrity appearances in the story are also the make of my imagination and did not happen. But other than that, its pretty much all real life events.


Val= me kelley= kris samantha= sarah cameron= kyle danny= matt chris= sean claude= will peter= dave tamara= bri donna= rena laurie= jes frank= zac shelby= amanda jimmy= mark marcus= phil cassandra= morgan trever= luke jay= christian

Peter Micheal Phelp
Often refered to as: Pete, Petey
Age: 15
Family members in story: Brother Ted, 10
Best friends: Anyone he thinks is his best friend for that particular day.

Valerie Amanada Clarke.
Often refered to as: Val, Vally, or Rie.
Age: 14
Family members also in story: Margret (Marge) is her 11 year old sister, and Peter is her father.
Best friends: Kelley, Samantha, Tim, Chris.

Kelley Cher Smith
Often refered to as: Kell, Kellsies. Ley.
Age: 15
Family members also in story: Mother, Sherry, 6 year old brother Paul and 18 year old brother Randy.
Best friends: Valerie, Samantha, Danny, Tim.

Samantha Linda Morrs
Often refered to as: Sam, Sammy, Mantha
Age: 15
Family members also in story: Sister Wanda, father Craig, and mother Betha. Best friends: Val, Kelley, Shelby, Donna.

Claude William Torris
Often refered to as: Claude
Age: 16
Family members also in story: Sister Sandra, 19
Best friends: Peter, Jimmy, Marcus.