Goodtimes, bad times...

Note- all * names have been changed

Ever get the feeling, that you're remembering all these good memories that never even happened to you? They happened in your neighborhood, to people that you've been going to school with for years, but who are just becoming your friends now. You don't have any past memories with them, except for teasing eachother in school. No good memories. They may tell stories about their past.. "remember the time when yadda yadda..." type of thing, but you were never there. But in a sense, you feel like you were. You're so close to these friends now, that you can't imagine ever fighting with them, or the time when you weren't their friend. So when they talk about old stuff, and when you're sitting in their houses hanging out, or watching movies, you feel like you belong. You feel as if you've been doing it for years, and that you took part in all these good things that happened when you didn't even know them.

The people that I'm friends with now, I don't have too much of a history with. And if I do, its not a good one. Most of the people that I actually have a good history with, don't live in Victoria anymore, or I don't talk to anymore.

Although I moved to Victoria from Winnipeg before I even turned 2 years old, I still go back there at least once a year, and have been doing so ever since I left, so a lot of my old, and better memories come from Winnipeg. This girl my mom grew up with, and is still friends with, has a couple sons. Tyler and Braiden. When I was little and we would go back and visit them, since I'm around Tyler's age, I would always play with him and stuff, with the exception of the one summer when we were around 9, and I guess he was going through the "girls have cooties" stage or somthing. The next summer that I saw him, I was 11, and he was 12. That was the year that I was totally not feeling good about my appearance, and I was overweight, and dressed pretty...well, tom-boyish. He was good looking, and thin, and probably pretty popular at his school, but yet he still treated me like I was his friend or somthing, even though I only saw him about 4 days that summer.

Another person I used to hang out with a lot, is Melissa. Before Melissa though, there was a girl named Sarah that lived across the street from my dad, but she eventually moved to Ontario. Melissa's mom has a daycare that she runs out of her house, and my dad and step mom started taking my brother there when he was just a baby. Then, as all my other cousins on my dad's side of the family started being born, they all went there too. So ever since I was 5, my brother, and then all my cousins and now my sister, get taken care of there. So Melissa is pretty cool with my whole family, she's practically like my sister. For the last couple summers, we haven't been able to hang out as much though, only because of our busy summer scheduales though.