I'm not sure what it is that attracts a person to another person. I mean, I know.. but I can't actually pin point one thing in particular. I don't think anybody can or ever will be. It's just a feeling.. on the inside, kind of like how love feels. You can't describe it.. if you can put it into words, its not love. Most people don't understand the true meaning of love though... I for one, don't fully understand it, but so far I'm getting the jist of it. I love people.. well, a person, for who they are. Not because they're good looking, or they have a nice car or what-not. I mostly love them for their flaws.. and the fact that they're not perfect. Younger people, with boyfriends of all of.. one month, will say they love eachother, and actually beleive it. They'll say they really mean it, and out of the previous 10, and many more to come, this is the one and only so far that they've loved. But how can that be so? The relationship bails less than months later, for some stupid reason, like that they heard a rumour about the other person, or one of them was late for a date. Love isn't based on that... love is based on how much you care about eachother. I could stay with the person I loved for hours on end, talking, or not even doing anything at all, and still be having the time of my life, and feel so comfortable. I find every little physical flaw about them cute, and it attracks me to them all the more. If they mess somthing up, or make a mistake.. I try to help, and forgive... so that it won't happen next time. I can tell them everything.. anything thats on my mind, whether we know it'll hurt the other in some way or another, we'll try to make it better.. explain it in a way that it won't hurt, so that we're not hurting eachother, but we're being honest, and open, and theres no secrets.