Say Fromage!

Yes, it's true... eventually my entire website will be just like every other 10-25 year old's personal home page ever made, complete with pages full of pictures and emo poetry. I'll even gush about this or that actress or musician every now and again. One would think that after realizing this, I would immediatly HALT! and actively seek out and destroy that which is unoriginal. But, you see, the thing is... I really wanted to post more pictures and I was running out of aesthetically pleasing locations on my other pages. So, there you have it. Anyway, without further ado, here is my picture page: TADA!

* * * * *
Pictures from Gay Pride 2003 in Lansing
Pics from my childhood
Pics from Sept. 7, 2003 (A wedding, my girlfriend, and me in a tie)

* * * * *
Lizzie's cousin's spawn. It's name is Austin, but I call it 'Powder' or 'Pumpkinberry':

That's Powder's mommie in the last one. :)

My pretty, pretty grrlfriend, Ami. And Liz hanging on her. How many times do I have to tell her to back up off my girl? *wink*

Tiny plastic babies like pancakes, too (and eggs)(and hashbrowns):

Stephanie a.k.a. Lucifer... but call her Lucy

Christie (at prom), who used to be my best friend. I haven't spoken to her in years. Oh, the nostalgia is setting in...

Claire + boyfriend, Andrew

Pictures That Are On Other Pages of My Site

Liz sits on Loafman (that's me)

Julie lays on Loafman + Kathy and Steph

Dru is cute wearing Loafman's skirt

Xander and Loafman make faces