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12/02--Possessive Drive has been laying in the depths of darkness ever since the sell-out Stewart left to change the world. Rumors have it that Stewart has become in the undergound gothic world and is also practicing gay sex. T-Bone is currently 8 foot 7 and 56 llbs. He, too, has become a goth. Today T-Bone can be found in the tough working world busting tables faster than anybody on the east coast. Ed has gained 50 llbs, weighing in at 578 llbs. I heard he is paying 10 bucks a week for drum lessons off a necrophiliac pedophile. I heard Ed throws in an extra ten for some type of other lessons that the guy has experience in. They are still looking for two metal/punk/dark guitarists but none have compared to the infamous Stewart. Stewart is still writing music, supposingly greater than ever. Maybe they will be together over Christmas.

05/13--Bad news. Mike Schlegal, drummer for BKD and friend of ours passed away last night. I know I shouldn't exploit his death to prove my point about raves and designer drugs but I can't help it. He overdosed on the shit. It hurts me because that's something so easy to prevent. So fucking easy. Why don't people use their head. Whoever was with them: How could you sit there and watch, sit there and let a friend work his way into death? If you can hear me out there, Mike, my love and sympathy goes out to you and your family. I just wish I was the one with you and you would still be here with us. How many times did I tell you? And everyone wonders why I turned straight. Well, Mike, it's done and over with, nothing will ever bring you back but I'll keep you with me, inside, and I hope your death can actually bring some good and wise up some of these stupid fucks around here. I don't want to do this anymore. I'll see you soon.

04/23--We are trying to find two more guitarist to start as the new band: NPD. We will have a fuller sound, hopefully. We are canceling the show at Laga until we get everything organized.

03/24--The big break has come. We landed a show May 6 at Club Laga. We are playing with Catch Penny, Punchline and At The Dive-in. We are on second. It is in the support of ARA (Anti-Racist Action), who believes in the stopping of racism and are big Pro-choice and feminist supporters. So don't be expecting to hear P.O.G.O. that night. We have some new songs for you anyways. Stop back in to find out more details.

03/05--Well what can I say? Our fans definatley pulled us through this show. We are banned from the American Music Cafe justed as we planned it to happen. One Step Ahead is official over and somehow we landed a 5th place. We didn't play up to our standards because the fucking stage fell apart on Ed causing his drums to fall all over the place. What a hell hole. All I know is that our friends and few fans are the fucking best. You guys and girls really fucking showed that place. That was one of the best feelings I ever had in my life despite a bad performance. So thank you all especially Ott for his energy, Laura, Dinardo and those I'm forgeting for coming out from college and Bailey from Texas. We are currently under construction of a new band, of course basically the same songs but with a new style of singing. We might be adding another guitar, too. All of our new shows will be strictly with punk and hardcore bands. Oh yeah, if you want a cd from the show get a hold of us. I don't know if all the mayhem was recorded or not. No one understands the basic principles of old school hardcore/punk anymore. What happened to the days of freedom of speech. I forgot, we never had that to begin with. Thank you for all the support. We are trying so just hold in there.

03/03--This is the last show. There's an agreement that One Step Ahead is officially done after this show. There have been reports of lost interest in the band and lost interest amongst their fans. Oh blah dee, oh blah da, life goes on. The band was untalented anyways. Rumor has it, though, Stewart is in the process of creating another band. Why wouldn't he? The kid is pure fucking talent. So just keep your ears open for the word on the street about him. I also heard something about some songs being done with Rigoni and Stewart together.

02/12--Our second show is here. Saturday, March 04 at The American Music Cafe. We are on at 8:00. Its the battle of the bands. I hope we lose. So come out and support the cause. Here is the playlist for the day:
2:00 Industrial Green
2:40 Quake
3:20 Reality Principle
4:00 Agitators
4:40 Freek
5:20 Chick Magnets
6:00 Sunshine Soup
6:40 99 Cents
7:20 Blues Hangover
8:00 One Step Ahead

02/05--One Step Ahead wants to thanks all of their fans and friends, especially BKD and United 51 for helping us out and getting us our first. It was tough getting up their and doing it but I think we'll do better next time. I kept getting light headed in the songs and I was sick so it was hard to sing good. We did ,though, get offered by three other bands and The American Music Cafe to play again. I got bitched at for swearing but I told the owner, "Hey, It's fucking punk rock." You girls were great for P.O.G.O. Thank you. We will be playing again soon when we geat some better equipment and we establish back up vocals. Ed and T-Bone singing with me-I'm sure you can't wait to see that. Thanks everyone for the support, that was the only thing that kept us going yesterday through a stressfull time!