NIHILISM Come in to the union district drive down on Sharmon Palms White Ghettos paint a picture broken homes & broken bones I was so full of scotch I could not stand up I was hittin' the shots and I moved to a cup release me from moral assumption total rejection total destruction nihilistic feelings are moving If you try real hard you'll see right through them Nihilism Walking a path of self destruction not affected by the percussions lady on the billboard offer me a drink said not right now I need time to think Nihilistic feelings are movin if I try real hard I'll see right through them
RADIO Never fell in love until I fell in love with you Never know what a good time was until I had a good time with you If you wanna get the feelin' & you wanna get it right then the music's gotta be loud for when the music hits I feel no pain at all Warm summer night I was drinkin' with my dad he tried to give me love that I never had but he gave more love to his bottle of wine so I had to go out and find love of another kind Here it is Here I am Turn it up Fuckin' loud Radio radio When I got the music I gotta place to go Radio clash magnificent 7 I was a choir bot you showed me no heaven two tools surely lost no remorse ignoring the cost
SIDE KICK I had a dream I was a vigilante's side kick My name is Tim I'm a lesser known character I had a dream I was a vigilante's side kick fighting crime in the streets together Down in Oakland off of West Grant St. Joseph relief program a good place where good people get food help your fellow man A good thing to do government agency said be afraid of me I shut your doors down it won't phase me Wolverine came through left the agent for dead opened up the doors back up, everyone was fed Do not bill the abandoned buildings it's nice to sleep when you got a ceiling neighborhood watch said we gotta put a stop said we can't have people livin' for free call the cops here come the swat team & the M-16 shoot the walls in destroy the building Wolverine was sad & it made him mad Evry single cop got a bullet in their hed
SALVATION There's a neighborhood called Blackhawk Where all the rich people hide I was down on my luck workin' for the Salvation Army The shelter is where I reside Every day we drive in to Blackhawk & we pick up the offerings microwave ovens refridgerators for the suffering I can't believe these people live like kings hidden estates and diamond rings I'm a rat on a mission I'm in your front yard under suspicion Come on baby won't you show me what you got I want your salvation
TENDERLOIN Realize you're dehumanised You criticize your existence It's your demise when no sun arise When you're paralyzed by your lack of resistance She knows she is she knows she's goin' down below where the fire's glowing tenderloin The tricks she gets them she's not a victim She makes a list of them and reads them all Alone for money she's walkin' down on larkin' In T.I. they're rockin all night long
AS ONE War between races war between lies. War between something that was deep inside you were wrong all along I was right you lied u. to the n. to the ity. straight down too late can it kick the feelin` lookin' from the bottom I can`t see the ceiling. shots rang out in the Oakland winter. Can`t stand alone you can't stand together. No matter what they do they'll try to devide you. Fear you up. What`s inside you way down down down The scale hook the anchor to the gates of hell. Once you realize that it was so simple. What you`re given you can`t take with you. I asked somebody if they had the same vision. He said yeah i had the same vision.
BURN Red and white stripes flyin' White for skin & red for dying Why can't I walk on through and not feel like one is in hell We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn
THE BALLAD OF JIMMY AND JOHNNY Jimmy & Johnny are two friends of mine Skinheads what they claim Outside similarities but they don't feel the same Johnny thinks Jimmy's a mod & Jimmy thinks Johnny's a punk Jimmy listens to ska & Johnny likes Last Resort Jimmy & Johnny in the trenches Went down tonight drinkin' Guiness smokin' sees once You're in the middle you feel alright Skinhead tats and a Fred Perry There's a war in the cemetary Start to fight stop drinkin' what the fuck were they thinkin' Jimmy and Johnny tell me what you're seein Jimmy had his Two Tone girl on the back of his scooter that night Johnny had a jacked up Chevy that could blow you right off the line
I AM THE ONE Are you gonna be ready to use it If you hesitate they'll persue it Put the gun to your dome no question Now the holy ghost in question what about the banks When they say go Standin at the top and can't let go Standin can't take can't take that time When I try sometime I can't stay high are you gonna be ready to use it If you hesitate they'll persue it Good & evil me from above Death peace eternal love Bleedin' at the gates & I can't come in Courage that abates a life of sin Sure that it holds and it holds no other With the lies of the brave the kid don't matter
HARRY BRIDGES Bloody Thursday was July 6th The pigs killed three workers Harry Bridges grabbed the mic The city shut down July 6th The workers outraged it was a general strike The media claimed that the commies were taking over and some believed it was true 3 uncomprimising strikes paved the way Minn SF. & Toledo Over annd over agian the doors are locked and the windows are broken Eddie worked for General Motors & he swore that he'd never lose his job again A union man who owned his own home in beautiful Flint, Mich. Eddie lost his job and Eddie lost his wife So Eddie lost his self esteem Last time I saw Eddie he was livin' in the trailor park again I believe Eddie forgave too much Too soon I got a letter about Eddie & it was bad news
BLACK & BLUE I starred watching them all down the line Keep steppin' & rejectin' all of the time They try to pull me in Can't let that happen again They try to do it again all on me Sedation through the nation We're screamin', we're screamin', black and blue The blind leading the blind They told me I was dumb They said their security system Was too big to outrun But I broke away and I'm never goin' back for all the souls they broke Mine never cracked
ST. MARY She's got her ticket and she's waitin' at the station She's got to get away as far as she can Her problems will arise as sure as the sun does shine She's got to get used to living on the line Now Mary's out the door with a loaded .44 in her hand Shootin' down the law that shot down her dear departed man When I last saw her she was lookin' troubled She said this is the 90's I'm gonna be alright She took the Greyhound in to Salinas I got a letter then that she dropped out of sight Shrouded in anger Encompassed by pain He was your best friend and now you'll never ever ever see him again
DOPE SICK GIRL Dope sick girl hit and run she took my money 87 dollars gone now she's running. How was I. I to know that girl could take my heart every where she go. Dope sick girl. A rig and a ride she got no freedom little demon gonna hide inside she`s gotta feed them. How was I. I to know that girl could take my heart everywhere she go everywhere everywhere she go. Dope sick girl there she was at the methadone clinic drank a cup. She called it a base coat. Swore not to get back in it how was I. I to know that girl could take my heart everywhere she go. Dope sick girl gotta rig and a ride to New York city gonna run away gonna watch it burn in the heart of New York city How was I. I to know that girl could take my heart....
INTERNATIONAL COVER-UP Back down no back down comin' up Rise up no rise up showin' up Lock down no lock down comin' up International cover up What about the state of union what about the games they're using What about the kids that don't matter What about a general strike You don't know what it's like What it's like what it's like... What about the cage gettin' rattled What about the international battle What about the kids who are dreamin' What about the kids who got stopped You don't know what it is like...
SOLIDARITY Solidarity Love & unity Set me free with a bullet & a gun You said it was nothin' I said it was somethin' It was no surprisin' I saw you cryin' About you - said it's a long time gone About you - Said your life's too long Didn't see it coming Your fears were hunting 9 millimeter Stops you running About you - said the pressure's on About you - said you can't go on About you - now you're long time gone About you - so what went wrong Solidarity Love & unity Set me free with a bullet & a gun
MIDNIGHT Midnight I know where I am that's right I know where I'm goin' shut down - vacant city Ghost town - Tensions risin' Kick kick kick the door in Look look look around and Affairs affairs of the nation When the pressure came down Sustain authority Midnight - I know I can That's right - I ain't broken...
NAME You don't know my name man you don't know my name Paint a number on my head work me till I'm dead I can believe I've wasted all of these years I've tasted A million days & nights all this pain and struggle all for what I ask All the hate & trouble Punch drunk from the punch clock opportunity never gonna knock no more blue collar All the unions gettin' smaller One million nights & all the pain and struggle all for what I ask all the hate and trouble...
7 YEARS DOWN There's a place where I like to go when I got no food or I got no shelter It's a house where I can get away for maybe three days to get off the drink and haze Who's the opposition I'm 7 years down The human spirit prevails yeah I'm down down down Woke up in the bushes 6:30 Tuesday morning with an unopened Heineken end ahead That was burning for 7 years I walked the same path dreams

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