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The "" website is gone. Apparently the old moderator let it lapse, and now it has become a porn site. So if you're looking for information about Minneapolis Critical Mass this is the one and only place to get it, and i don't keep it updated because i don't do Critical Mass anymore. I was going to delete the site, when i realized it was the only one left. To keep abreast of current Minneapolis Critical Mass goings on, enter your email address below.

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Suggestions for Cop Problems at CM (Anonymous Source)

LINK OF THE MONTH!(From now until eternity)

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We meet for Critical Mass the last Friday of every month (rain or shine) in Loring Park. If you need a map, click here. We usually start meeting up about 5:00pm and try to leave by 5:30pm.

MN Law Regarding Cycling

Past Critical Mass Rides

27 OCTOBER 2000

25 AUGUST 2000

30 June 2000


28 APRIL 2000

31 MARCH 2000

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