old old news:

July 12

July 6: The Michale Graves interview is up, if you missed it, at the Forbidden Zone , check it out! .

may 21: going through my emails finding random things that I met to put up and never did cuz I was too lazy to do it at the time... so heres a link for a Mike doll and drawings.. go to random stuff then michale.. and wham! youre there. and Check out Creepy Fiend's yahoo group .. I definately think with enough people posting pics and shit on there, itd be super keen.

May 17: Oh boy kiddies, we got some good eatin's today at the Kitten Cafe! For appetizers, we have a delicious new look a like picture as well as 2 savory art works, one being a lego man. Moving on to a main course, we have a tasty concert and signing review from Hollywood and Torrence with a healthy side of pictures as well. (Still a good dish even though I personally do not care for Chef ChriS's Ramone Request sauce, but I digress). For dessert, we have a rich rich variety platter of many pictures to choose from. These recipes were inspired from The New England Metal Fest in Worchester, MA and The Webster Theatre in Hartford, CT. Please sample both Mike and Doyle combo specials, Michale strudel, and a vanilla and fudge Michale sundae. Check out Chef Bad Kitty Vanessa and her prize winning recipe , and her autographed "award" for them (buy the "awards" here ). And wash it all down with a 6-pack . So pick up the phone and make your reservations now!

May 11: Check out a few of Ramy's pictures from the anniversary show in NYC. May 7: I received some pictures or Mike and Doyle from the autograph signings at the Aahs! in Torrance CA; Friday, May 4th. These are from my "self proclaimed son" ChriS . Mike and Doyle hangin' out - Mike.. doing somethign with his mouth.. - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Mike and ChriS . For more pictures of the boys at the signing, go here . And if you have any pics please send them to me!!

~The Web Kitten~