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Marnold's Studio B
16 hours in my life

So the day starts.
If it's early in the morning you probably don't want to mess with me.
I'm pretty crabby at early hours.
I just want to wake up, get ready, and go eat.

I survived until breakfast.
Probably my favorite meal of the day.
I can't remember the last time I missed breakfast in a day.
My body can't function until I have food in it.

So there's this little thing called school.
I guess that's what I'm here for.
I'm a computer science major and will graduate in May of 2008 if everything goes as planned.

I mentioned that I am a computer science major.
Any comptuer science major has to spend time on their computer.
I spend the majority of time playing internet poker, talking to my friends, and watching/checking sports scores.

One of the loves of my life.
All of my friends from back home would play with me just about every night.
We've been playing since I was in about 8th grade.
Now that I've left those friends for college I am stuck with playing on the internet.
The most exciting thing that has happened to me regarding poker is something that didn't happen to me.
Last summer my brother participated in the World Series of Poker (Yes the one you see on ESPN all the time).
He did well, only to be knocked out by poker pro John Juanda at 399th place (out of nearly 6000) to win $18,000.

There's nothing like a good game of frisbee golf.
This game consists of a course that is set up similarily to a golf course.
Basically the only difference is you throw a frisbee and try to land in the hole (pictured below)
The sun is shining and spring is at its best.
The outdoors, friends, a sport I love, what else do I need?

The round (18 holes at the La Crosse course)
takes more than an hour to play, but who's complaining.
The day continues as we continue on the course.
(I played a pretty solid round today)

My life is full of sports.
Tennis, basketball, frisbee, badminton, ping pong, you name it.
And, as pictured above, volleyball.
Just recently, some friends and I won the all campus 4 on 4 volleyball tournament, "4-play in the sand".
Volleyball is a new found love of mine, I had never played seriously until I came to college.

After all of this physical activity it's time for a nice shower.
As active as I am it isn't uncommon for me to take 3 showers a day.

As if I hadn't had enough recreation yet, why not go play a couple games of bean bags.
Again, another 'sport' that can be enjoyed outdoors.

All of this makes me hungry.
And what's better than going out to eat.
So I go to my car to drive to the resturaut.
Driving is another thing that I really enjoy.
I have my music and my freedom to go wherever I please.

And then there's food.
Who doesn't love food?
This is me at Applebees, one of my favorite places to eat.

This brings me to possibly my favorite thing in life.
I listen to music whenever possible.
I also attend many concerts.
This is me watching my friend's band, Eight Day Kick in Valhalla.

Did I mention that I love sports?
Why not get paid to do something you love?
I am the head coach for the Logan Middle School boys tennis team.
The team is off to a slow start at 0-3 but we look to improve as the season goes on.
The kids are a little hard to control from time to time but it's worth it

Okay, so I'm a guy (and a computer science major).
Every guy has to play video games, and I guess I have to live up to the computer science stereotype.
Mario is probably one of the favorites recently.

Finally, I should introduce one of the most important people in my life at this time.
My girlfriend, Leah Ziegler.
Also represented in this picture is sleep.
This is clearly a necessity for everyone, but even more for me with my very busy schedule.

This has been a representation of a day in my life (Studio B).
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