Crawling out the pure filth of smoggy LA, the Fingers blundered their way through 2 singles before self-desructing, to the woe of the garage punks who are "with it." Embraced by no other than Mr. Russel Quan of the Mummies, Count Backwurds, Phantom Surfers, etc. etc. etc., the Fingers released a single on his very exclusive Pre BS Records. Members of the Fingers went on to fame and glory in bands like the Rip Offs and the Tight Fits. 2 posthumous singles followed, as well as a few bootleg videos, notably on the cable access show "Counter Culture," where some lady named Betty plays bass, and crazy Raul "sings." If you don't have copies of all 4 of their singles, get off yer ass and find 'em! Loser!

The Neato Discography w/ Lotsa Pics
Wussy Printable Text Discography w/ Way Less Good Stuff

Jason White: Drums, Vocals
Shane White: Guitar, Vocals
Raul Balcarcel: Bass

The Fingers' Story - By Shane White

Dear Fans,
Over the past two years I have been pestered by every Tom, Dick, and Harry independent record lable (sic) nerd to comb my vast vaults fer unreleased fingers recordings. The hilarious thing about it all is that The Fingers were such utter failures in their own time. We always had a hard time trying to get booked into any clubs, and when we did manage to play out, it was to about fifteen people!! The two singles we did were no better, nobody bought them. So after all this time I'm expected to believe that there are actually Fingers fans out there besides Rusty Quan? I mean fer christsakes, Rusty was our soul supporter!! The four songs selected fer this E.P. are amongst some of Rusty's favorites. All of them were recorded in April of '92 by Mr. Raul Balcarcel in his wall to wall pornography ridden kitchen on a potable (sic) AM/FM tape recorder which used to belong to his older sister during the mid-70s while he was growing up in New York. Actually, the "louder" of the fourincluded here was done fer the never released Pre-B.S. split single with Supercharger. It was recently redone fer The Rip Offs L.P. but that version sucks balls compaired (sic) to this one.
It's funny 'cause nowadays all this garage crap is the big hit with college kids everywhere. It's made a lot of unworthy people into superstars. Now San Fransico is considered a mecca fer real rock n roll bands, when in all actuallity ut's (sic) nothing more than a dog eat dog pit of snakes. Nobody was interested in this shit five years ago, and because of that things were quite innocent.
The great laugh about it all is, The Fingers were just a wannabe cheap reflection of The Raspberries. That was the reason fer the blazers and ties, we were so lame and inadaquate that we couldn't play as good as the Raspberries or afford any decent equipment so we got lumped in with the garage circuit. We wanted to be a pop band from the get-go but were stifled by lack of ability. We wanted to sound good but it was impossible due to all sorts of things, such as poverty. The Fingers were a real fucking underclass band!! And I'd also like to note that The Fingers were not a San Francisco based group like so many people believe, we were spawned from fucking East Los Angeles!!
-Mr. Shane White
-From the back of "The Rusty Quan E.P. 1992" on Rat City Records

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