”Setting the Record Straight...”


Scene One : “Not Trying to Pull a Rookie Move; But...”

((The scene opens up in a jam-packed, EWA arena. The fans are on their feet as EWA returns from a commercial break promoting Dane Cook’s new movie, “Employee of the Month,” which hits theaters this Friday. The cameras circle the arena numerous times, as the chaotic crowd wave their signs frantically in the air, hoping to be spotted by a friend, or family member, at home. After the cameras circle, and focus on separate signs in the crowd, the lights dim, and “Feel So Numb” by Rob Zombie blasts throughout the arena. The fans turn their attention towards the entrance ramp, wondering who is coming out to this unfamiliar entrance theme. As the music picks up, former two-time SWF Intercontinental Champion, and SWF World Heavyweight Champion, Landon Scott steps out from behind the black curtains. He is greeted with a mixed reaction. Some knowing of him, and some not. Either way, it doesn’t matter to him. He still stops at the top of the ramp, and taunts. After taunting, he begins making his way down towards the ring. From either side, fans are extending their hands. Half of them, still not knowing who this guy is, could care less. They just want a “five” from an EWA wrestler. He only looks at the people as he makes his way down. The expression on his face says it all, “Yeah... dream on!” Once he gets to the ring, he walks over to the steel steps, and begins ascending them. Once he reaches the top, he climbs into the ring, and instantly walks over to the ring announcer, demanding a microphone. The ring announcer hands him one, then exits the ring. Trying to show everyone that he is a, quote, “badass,” he makes sure the ring announcer gets “the hell out of the ring.” After the ring announcer fully exits ringside, Landon turns around, and makes his way towards the center of the ring. Landon stares towards the crowd, as a cocky smirk comes across his face...))

((He motions for the tech guys, in the back, to cut the music. The music goes off instantly, and the lights return to their normal settings. Without giving the fans a chance to die down, Landon brings the microphone to his lips, still having the cocky smirk across his face, and begins to speak...))

Landon Scott
"In case you have been living underneath a rock for the past six months, or haven’t paid any attention to a certain federation entitled, Supreme Wrestling Federation... then allow me to introduce myself! My name is Landon Scott! In the Supreme Wrestling Federation I became a two-time Intercontinental Champion. I became it’s first World Heavyweight Champion, after they resurrected the title. I won a Money in the Bank ladder match in my debuting match at SWF’s Wrestlemania 3! I demolished four other SuperStars in a triple-layered cage match! All this, and much more in a time span of three months! I don’t mean to toot my own horn; but, beep-beep!” ((...crowd gives yet another mixed reaction as Landon chuckles underneath his breath...)) “Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way... recently, I had contacted the President of Supreme Wrestling Federation, and requested that I be released from my contract with SWF to pursue a wrestling career in another federation. The main reason is how SWF played politics too damn much! And quite frankly, I don’t like that sh*t, plain and simple! So, I hi-tailed my ass outta’ there, and after searching for federations worthy enough of this talent...” ((...points to himself...)) “...I came across EWA. And thought to myself, this seems like a good place to settle down. Even though their fan base is consisted of a bunch of ignorant hicks!” ((...fans boo...)) “Heh-heh-heh! See what I mean?! One of the main reasons I decided to come here, is the interest of wrestling one of the greats currently wrestling here in EWA. He goes by the name of “The New Breed...” ((...fans cheer...)) “Ric... Thunder!” ((...fans cheer again, but this time, even louder...)) “Yeah, yeah, yeah! Shut the hell up! I’m trying to speak here! Show some goddamn respect to your future EWA Heavyweight Champion! Because, ladies and germs... you’re looking at him right now! It may not be tomorrow, it may not be next week. Hell! It may not even be next month! But, sooner or later... I will have that gold around my waist!”

Landon Scott
"Please, don’t get me wrong... I’m not trying to pull a rookie move, by making my debut as an open challenge to the World Heavyweight Champion. Oh, no! That’s not what I’m trying to get across to everybody at all! That whole gimmick is over-used and over-rated! I’m simply putting myself out there, and letting everybody in the EWA locker-room know that I’m here... and I’m ready to kick some ass! Now, for those of you who’ve followed my career in SWF know that I pride myself on, quote, “f*cking up people’s day and/or career!” And I plan on continuing to do so right here in EWA!” ((...fans boo...)) “And it seems as if somebody might have beaten me to the punch, so to speak! I’ll be honest with you, I had originally planned on making my debut to the EWA an impact, at the Heavyweight Champion’s expense! But, my f*ckers... it seems as if somebody by the name of Evan Jacobs stepped ahead of me in line, and took out the Champion. Looks like he sent ‘Ole Ricky Boy to the hospital. The attack, in my opinion, was not too shabby... but then again... a little sloppy there, Jacobs! I could have done better than that, and I’ve only been in this business for about four months now! Looks like I may just have to one up ya’ there when Ric returns, Jacobs! Instead of just putting him in the hospital, I might just possibly “f*ck his career up!” When will it happen? Who knows? And who cares?! All that matters is that... that I will strike. Mark my words! And I will show the entire EWA locker-room, and the entire EWA fan base that I am a force to be reckoned with! And when they say the name Landon Scott, they’ll all know what kind of sick, sadistic, self-ritious, back-stabbing, egotistical, and yet, sexy... man he is!” ((...he rubs his chin, as the cocky smile comes across his face... the fans boo again...)) “Heh-heh-heh! Ric, whenever you return to the EWA from your little hospital visit, I hope you’ll be wise and pick out your casket, and your burial plot. ‘Cuz all my focus right now is on you. It doesn’t matter who I’m facing. I’ll picture your head on his shoulders, right before I hit them with “The Truth Hurts.” I know you must realize this by now, Ric... that Title you have around your waist at the moment... or should I say, lying by your hospital bed, is a target. Everybody has their sights set on it. Mainly me! I only got a small taste of the gold back in SWF. But, now that I’ve entered EWA, there’s a whole new assortment of gold. It’s like a friggen candy store, I tell you! And right now, Ric’s got the best candy in the store! No... I’m not talking about that skank-bag, Krissy. I’m talking about that World Heavyweight Title, of course. While I may not be able to “afford” it right now... you better believe I’ll be saving up for it, Ric! And when that time comes, and it’s just you and me in the ring... you better believe I’ll be leaving with your... I mean my World Heavyweight Title! You may be thinking to yourself, this guy is one cocky, arrogant, son-of-a-bitch! But I say to you... nay! All I’m showing you is purely confidence in my abilities! Not only on the microphone... heh-heh-heh! But in the ring as well! You may think I’m full of it; but, believe me when I tell you this... I only speak “The Truth!” Until next time, my f*ckers... this is Landon Scott, the future of this company... signing off!”

((Landon drops the microphone, as “Feel So Numb” blasts throughout the arena again. The crowd boo’s louder than ever as Landon climbs the nearest turnbuckle to taunt...

TBC: By anybody wanting to shut Landon the hell up! LoL! Otherwise...

((The scene fades to black as EWA takes a short commercial break...))