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Stuff To Make Your Page Rock!

Dollz Awards I have won WIN MY AWARD Thanx To These Pages For Stuff

Free Homepages

Expage: Very good for beginners. This is where I started my page. It's easy to use, and gives you grafix, animations, lines, and other options.
Angelfire: Gives good step-by-step instructions. Has butt-loads of free grafix, backgrounds, and icons.
gURLpages: Verrrry easy. Same type of instructions as Angelfire, but not nearly as many freebies. BONUS: Free Web-based Email account comes with your page!
Chick Pages: Exactly the same as gURLpages: same format, with web-based Email

Grafix & Dollz

My Dollie Page: Still under construction...
Munchy's World: Very professionally done. She has a vast array of grafix & HTML help
Erinz World: Lotz 'o' Linx in a funky layout
More coming soon!