KoRn Album Reviews

KoRn (self titled)-- KoRn's 1st album, the album that a majority of the KoRn fans like best,was made in 1995. Had hit songs on it such as the bizarre"Blind" , Jon Davis's high-school nightmare"Faget" , and the true story "Clown"! Most people feel this is the heaviest of the four albums...
Life Is Peachy-- KoRn's 2nd album that had featured songs such as, the crazy-like "Twist" and "Chi" , the song featuring lead singer Chino Moreno of the Deftones, " WICKED" , and the song "A.D.I.D.A.S." The group says they were rushed by their record company to finish the record, but says they really thought it was a great album!
Follow The Leader This album has a lot of featured guest and artist. Such artist as Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit who sung in the top hit song "All in the Family" and the album featured rap artist Ice Cube, he sung in song " The Children of the KoRn" and the album also had Trey Hardson from the Pharcyde. "Freak on A Leash" one two grammys for the mtv music awards!
Issues Issues is said to be the most melodic and soul telling of the four albums! The album already has two videos, " Falling Away From Me" and "Make Me Bad "! The " Sick and Twisted " tour is now in progess for the album and from what I heard the concerts are great! Hopefully KoRn will have more singles and videos come out for this album?! Altogether these albums RoCk! These four albums were really great and I think all the KoRn fans really love them if you don't have them I suggest you buy them!