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Define the Natural Disaster

(The shot is live in the WBKAFGD Newsroom. Mike Michelle is doing the evening news.)

Mike Michelle: And although his lawyers deny any such meeting, our cameras did catch rock star Robert Plant leaving the work area of a heroine dealer. In other news, a massive tsunami hit the island of Chile yesterday. It is Armageddon over there judging from the pictures I’ve seen of the disaster. With our first update, live on scene, Todd Gredwhich.

(The screen splits into halves and on one half is Mike in the news room, and in the other half is Todd, live in Chile.)

Todd: Thanks Mike. Man, let me tell you, the atmosphere here is killer. There are people looking for lost children and other family members, police crews trying to dig people out of this wreckage. It is an absolute horror over here.

Mike: Do they have a death toll yet Todd?

Todd: No Mike, they still don’t have a death toll. They’re still looking for more bodies and more survivors.

Mike: When can we expect to get one?

Todd: Well all the Chilean authorities I’ve talked to have said the same thing. They’ve told us that we might have one tomorrow, or we may not have one for another few weeks.

Mike: Do we have an estimated damage report?

Todd:. Apparently this disaster has cost the city about half a billion dollars.

Mike: Geez, that doesn’t sound good.

Todd: No, it certainly doesn’t . This is, uh, it’s pretty bad.

Mike: Ok, we’re going to have to say goodbye for now Todd but we’ll check back in with you later.

Todd: Ok then Jeff, I’ll talk to you later

(The screen goes back to Mike, alone in the newsroom, as he continues with the rest of the news.)


Notes: The tsunami in Chile occurred on May 22nd, 1960. Caused by the largest earthquake ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere (8.6 on the Richter Scale), the tsunami caused about half a billion dollars in damages and, although no real number was ever found, it is estimated that about 2290 lives were claimed.