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The Story of a lost Fae

Once upon a time, there was a young Sidhe fae girl name Anne Eafton.

She, trying to be different from her sisters, joined a mighty organization called Alta's army, a place for young girls to become warriors.

She was 10 years old when she joined, and was being trained in the way of the sword, the way of honor, the way of female empowerment, and the way of chastity.

To further her education on field training, she was sent to Rhydin to gain experience and skill. She was a frequent visitor to the MSA, meeting many different sorts of people.

During one MS, she came across a young elven man named Rowen. It was infatuation at first sight, though forbidden by the Altian army.

Too young to be obedient to Alta's laws, she would sneak to Rhydin and they would explore each other'a minds and bodies, speaking of the future.

Each time she returned to camp, she would be whipped for her insolence, and for having the scent of a male about her. Not understanding what was so wrong about loving this elf, she continued to see him, unknowning about the laws of cross-breeding between elves and Sidhe and the miseries put upon those of mixed blood.

During her trials of getting regular daily beatings, she joined a guild named FaES, for magic-born creatures only. There she met two people who would become her best friends. Leo, another elf, and Puck, one of Oberon's first children.

Leo tried to explain how she'd been tricked by Rowen.. how all elves strived to capture a fae to breed with, so that their children would be blessed with both the earth love, and the magic to protect it. He explained that the way he treated her was not right, and that those who loved, did not make people cry.And Anne being so young and ignorant.. she'd been a perfect target for a sweet-talking elf.

This news came a bit too late, for Anne was already pregnant with her first child by Rowen, woo'ed by his promises of marriage. Disillusioned and hurt, it didn't help that Rowen took many long trips, having to travel back and forth between his home land, and Rhydin. She lamented being so stupid, left pregnant and alone most of the time, his visits brief and cold. To make matters worse, a woman named Jane Sabbati came and confessed that she'd slept with Rowen, and loved him dearly as well.

Calling her sister Christine from Kraitha, the siblings would often plot and discuss what she could do. Chris joined FaES and rose in rank, while Anne was made TiC to the GC for her unending work.

Another friend of Anne's, a Sidhe named Devin Rodanthial often pledged his honor and sword arm to the Eafton sisters, falling in love with them both. He did not look down upon Anne for having been defiled by an elf, and instead nurtured the gentle side of this pissed off fae.

She gave birth to her first child, Ethan Eafton on a quiet summer night, attended to by her GC Lilu, and her friend Leo. Rowen, visiting later that night, seemed indifferent about the birth of his son, and rather upset that she hadn't waited for him. Ethan was golden-haired like his mother, and silent like his father. A pair of wings and the slender elven form spoke to the little boy's mix of blood. Anne was 11 years old at Ethan's birth.

Knowing her sister's heart, and knowing her own, she told Devin that she truthfully loved Rowen, regardless of anything he'd done, and would stay. Devin relented, accepting her decision with a heavy heart and a promise to strike the elf down if he ever dared dishonor her like that again. He then asked Christine to do him the honor of becoming his wife.

FaES rose and fell due to a few attackers, and a weak GC, with Anne flailing desparately to keep it afloat. She'd joined another guild called OoD and rose through the ranks easily in this warm, loving family-setting organization. She always looked up to the GC Serena like a mother, turning to her for advice many a time.

Troubles occured when she befriended a dragon named Sabian,and a man named Havoc Wolf. Havoc dissented and tried to destroy OoD.. and Anne, not understanding the mass prejudice against him for seemingly no reason, sided with him. For this, she would be forever wrongfully hated and mistrusted within OoD. This continues to this very day.

Meanwhile, with FaES crumbling, Anne strove to keep it alive by restructuring it as SaFE, and keeping the old traditions alive. This didn't work very well, for by then everyone had faded and refused to help at all. The legend of FaES was dead. Anne's shaky union with Rowen grew more strained as he grew more distant, often disappearing for months at a time, and only coming back for brief visits.

Anne, feeling like a failure in every respect, turned to her other friend Puck, for guidance and kinship. He saved her life more then once, keeping her happy and feeling loved in her dark hours. With this friendship came many accusations by Rowen of her infidelity to him, though by all rights he had no room to talk. His route as a spy for people often found him in the laps of many a high-powered woman, and many a recording of such came to her of this.

Anne shut her eyes to it, and bore her second child, a girl, attended by her sister and Devin.But, something went wrong. Had it not been for Havoc Wolf's intervention, she'd have died during the delivery, her child with her. Few know of this, and thusly, few have anything to judge Havoc on, save his angry behavior.

As usual, Rowen was not there to see the child born this time. But by this time, Anne's heart had grown cold to all, even her own son. Naming her new daughter Robin in honor of the only person who really gave a damn about her, Puck, she proceeded to raise her as if she were alone. Having gotten used to Rowen's long absences, she stopped trying to explain their father's disappearances to the children.

But slowly, her heart opened again.. and she accepted Rowen as her curse....

.....her fate....

....Her love.. for better or worse. She now matched him, stain for stain, and was ready to love him as an equal again. She accepted his traveling habits, and his mistress Jane. With the help of her kindred spirit Tera, and her husband Night, she learned of her legacy as Discord in the fae world. A comfort to her, she learned that monogamy wasn't always the best way, watching Tera and Night take a wife as well.

Nowadays.. she can be found with her daughter and son in the Gargoyle Inn, keeping company with Puck and the various denziens there

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