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Man.. I am not to good with words.. So'll make it short..
You have people to haunt.. remember that.
I Want to do something I never got a chance to do and that is
say thank you...
Remember the HM we had when I first got back?
We almost went to killing each other
Heh, maybe the HM was the best thing though
I received a dear friend after that..
You were real Jane..
I Dont say that about people too often
Most are just Fake.. They put on these fronts..
You never did that..
Thats what made you..heh.. great...
But anyways..Thank You "Sister"
I'll Miss you Dearly..

Love Rocky

::Smirks and hugs:: I'll be remembering you as one of DFM's greatest Dona's. For the tidy and perfect work on rosters, settling fights, etc.
Love, Nite

The dearest one to her, a small video played over and over

Vv PearI vV ::Wonders over towards the place her mom died in battle, not too happy about her dying::

Vv PearI vV :Wanders*:

Vv PearI vV mommy?

Vv PearI vV well I know you're soul or something hates me, but I want to say I'm sorry and I'll listen to your words about Granny...I'll always love you..bye
::Turns off as she walks back into the shadows::