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Stuffies oh so fun

When I left my Kitty
By Mary Contrary

The night I left my kitty was the worst night of all,
It felt as if my bear feet were stepping on hot coal.
The look on his face and the tears in my eyes,
Are the most honest thing that could tell you no lies.
All the moments of happiness that we had over the years,
Could not reduce the size of my tears.
You may think that it was "such a pity",
But the worst night in my life, was when I left my kitty.

Please Don't Touch The Bather by Sharon Goodman
See the undulating pool of silver silk
From which a rosy sandy tongue extends,
And tiny shells of ears are pressed in bends
By busy little paws as white as milk.....

But oh! her baby blues accuse me, when
I pet and ruffle up her downy mist
And stroke the little chin I can't resist,
So she must start the whole thing over again.

Touch the eyes above to enter.

Or touch here if you're too stupid to find the fading Eyes. Yeesh. Putz.