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All about me! All about me

Full name=Isaac Sherrell

best friends=Hannah, Chad, Jay, Jon (little short thing), haley, josh, andy, ummm........i dont have to many friends but that is almost all of them.


Favorite cereal=Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Church=Chruch of Christ

Favorite Bands=Five Iron Frenzy, dc Talk, insyderz, the w's, backstreet boys, 98 degrees, nsync,carman, steven curtis chapman, and Supertones

Favorite FIF song=One Girl Army

Favorite Insyderz sont=awesome god

Favorite dc talk song=Jesus freak

Favorite Bible Verse=John 3:16

Future plans=I wish to get a high school basketball scholarship and either play for North Carolina or SMS. Then after that go to law school.

Hobbies=playing basketball and playing on the computer

Pets=dog named Pudgie

When were you saved?=Sunday Feb.13 2000


favorite kind of cologne=adidas moves

favorite kind of deoderant=speed stick clear

favorite kind of program to do at chruch=fishers of men(mark 1:17)

favorite t.v shows=full house,the wayans bros, fresh prince of bel air, saved by the bell, rush hour, titanic, snow day, shes all that, patch adams, and i cant think of any more right now (thats not a show!)lol!

what kind of bible do you use?=student bible (NIV)

favorite kind of milk=chocolate or white

favorite shoe brands=adidas, nike, and reebok