The feud between Hollywood Bull and Tank Edge ended in a dramatic and a situation some people might call EXPLOSIVE. Bull losing his title after Reverend Snow hit the SnowPlow on a fallen down Bull as Tank took the pin to become the new Champion. Now at impact, the both will face off again to what someone would call another MATCH Stealer!! And a big news is the reforming of Evolution

-:{The Scene} The scene shows Hollywood Bull sitting in his locker room talking over on his cellphone as a knock is heard on his door. He walks towards the door and opens it as it is a worker standing there. Bull stares at him as the worker gives him a piece of paper. Bull reads the piece of paper where it says

Dont worry, I have got your back at Impact

from- Evolutions newest member!


This makes Bull smile as he then tells the person over the cellphone that he will call him back later. Bull then once again takes a look at the piece of paper and yet again smiles.

Bull- this is going to be too damn good!


-after commercials-

Todd grisham is seen holding the mic as the camera focuses on him.

Todd- Ladies and Gentlemen, with me here is a special guest who we saw last week at New Revolution give one hell of an impact at his match against Tank Edge. And even though some people might call it a controversial victory for Tank, he is the champion. Ladies and Gentlemen here is Hollywood Bull.

The camera focuses out as Bull is shown into the screen.

Bull- A controversial VICTORY? Todd the only thing controversial about that match was Snow! The only thing not belonging in that match was Snow! You see Reverend Snow, if you had ACTUALLY followed your name and done something you were suppose to, and that is go to church and act as a reverend , listen to peoples confessions or give speeches, I would have been very happy and im sure you would also. Because lets face it this is not your game anymore. Your not Superman anymore. Your the brown chunks left off what came out of Superman`s ass. In other terms, you aint fit enough for this. Sure you come into the ring and SNOWPLOW me when im already down. From the top of the cage. But what does that do?  It only makes you a target. A cardboard target. Because everyone in this arena knows that once your out, you never bounce back. But also on the other hand. Once im out, I always return. Proof? Im standing right here? despite taking pain and injuries, im healed up. Not 100% but im working on it. And I know that Tank is far away from 100% too. But unlike him, I take my job seriously.

Bull then stares at Todd Grisham who looks back at him very nervously

Bull- Tell me Todd! Do you take your job seriously?

Todd- Well ofcourse

Bull- are you here always on time? Are you here giving your 100% or your best even if you have an interview?

Todd- All the time.

Bull- See Tank! Even this crapsack right here who gets beaten by both men and women has more strength and determination than you. Now you want to go around drown people. But you see Tank thats a good signature a good way to put it. Because that is EXACTLY what im going to do to your career. That is, im going to drown it. When you lay in your own pool of blood at impact you will look up at me and think one thing. HOLY SHIT Why cant I get up? And then it doesnt matter if the Superman comes running down cause we have an answer to that. And yes I did say we because Evolution is the Solution. You got my drift dont you Snow. You can come out wearing the blue suit, red cape. But make sure you wear a black underwear instead of red. Cause when you see the Evolution coming out to get you, Oh you know what will happen. Dont wanna embarress yourself even more than what you already have now do you?

Bull then grabs the mic from Todd

Bull- What was it you called Evolution? A Mediocre stable? A little lesson. What is the meaning of Mediocre? Lacking exeptional quality or ability. Hmm. This only points out to one that and that is that  the only thing thats Mediocre here is you Tank. Your a washed up C-Rated wrestler. Now you must be wondering. C-rated? what the hell is that? C-rated is Crap rated wrestler. Now at Impact you can swing about on your rope, shiver all the timbers you want. But get ready for the Hollywood Slam! Get ready for losing your title. And most of all Tank! Get ready for PAIN

Bull has this serious look in his eyes as he stares into the camera

camera then fades away


-Scene ends-



Layout made by Daniel (Randy Orton) and mustn't be used for anyone other than Hollywood Bull. If you want a layout ask him. Don't Steal This One! r k o!