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This is my car!Side veiw of my car!

O.K. I must say I'd never thought of owning a Falcon.I've been more drawn to Mopar cars,but......

My love for old cars came from a place in Florida that my mom took me to alot as a kid.It was in Sarasota, called Cars and Music of Yesterday(now called Classic Car Museum)after I saw the cars there I never quit looking for clasics and antiques.

The first car I ever had a say in chooseing and owning was a 75 Plymoth Valiant with a torquoise slant 6.Sadly it threw a rod due to lack of oil.It was $400.After that,looking at the prices of restored cars,I thought my search would be futile.Then 12/99 I bought an '88 car that I was dumping money into every other week.The last straw was when it was going to cost $1,200 for some axle work.I sent it back to the car lot and started looking for another car.A few days later I saw a '63 Ford Falcon advertized at a car lot for $495.I got a ride there and fell in love!As soon as I saw her I was thinking of colors and long drives.Against all comon sense,I bought her and drove home.I was so excited that I didn't even check any fluids and lost my brakes on the way!No brake fluid...That'll do it!That was 5/15/00.Since then I've had to walk alot,had the generater rebuilt,replaced the voltage regulater and the fuel pump.I've still got a long way to go.I'm tring to do most of the work my self.Which is going to fun since I know nothing about fixing cars.Hopefuly in the next year she'll be fixed up,all slick paint and crome.Till then here are some before pictures.As things are done I'll update.

My dashEngine from driver side Engine from frontEngine from passenger sideFront from driver side angleFront of my grrrlOriginal hub cap(it was updidedown)Rear viewBack inside panel

Specifics that I know...

1963 Falcon 2 door sedan hard top 6 cyl originaly 3 speed on the column,converted to floor white(with some surface rust) exterior with interior(what apears to be)grey and white trim with the seats a torquoise color(previous owner was recoloring to burgandy).This seems like a crazy set up but I have to belive what I see.Has the original AM radio but it's not hooked up yet.If any one can give me any advice about rebuilding her please feel free to mail me at

Sadly due to the fact that I have a full time(50+ hrs) job and have started going to school ful time,the Grrrl is up for sale(or trade). :( So if you live in the Danville,Il area or know some one who does and are interested,please drop me a line.

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