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Welcome to Great Dogs


Newberry Spgs, California

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     Sargelong.jpg - 45180 Bytes          SARGE

This is the kind of pup that Sarge & Baby throw! 40lbs. at 4 mo.

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Babywithpups.jpg - 34973 Bytes   BABY AND HER PUPS


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Sarge is 125 lbs at 3 yrs. A Johnson bulldog who moves like a tiger, protects my home and doubles as a pillow for my 4 yr old sister.

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Baby is a 90lbs Johnson bulldog I purchased from Mr Blackwell. She is the sweatest most playful girl ever, and she makes beautiful puppies!

Headofbrighteyes.jpg - 58412 Bytes      SARGE JR Whinernew.jpg - 532408 Bytes           DOZER brighteyesprofile.jpg - 45641 Bytes       BRIGHT EYES


All of my dogs are registered with the ABA, have health certificates and all shots. They have been raised by and with my family and are well socialized.

Please contact me at (760) 964-3197 if you are serious about buying a purebread show or pet quality American Bulldog and are willing to spend for that quality. (I Only sell to good homes with fenced in yards.)

Please e-mail me at:

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