Good Morning

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The Swirling chaos that is Good Morning

EXPECTATIONs: To play shows, have fun, meet new people, travel, to expand our minds so we can hear, see and question what is happening in our lives. Beyond this as a band we have the ability to communicate with people. We condsider ourselves a political revolution , alot of our lyric's and actions are the offspring of our personal lives. Issues we feel important, situations we've witnessed are engaged in, and things we have to constantly deal with everyday. We listen to all types of music. Pretty much anything that will keep our interests. The reason we like playing in GoodmOrninG over any other kind of band is we really think exposing our political beliefs and our hardcore sound (ideals + actions) to vasts audiences, perhaps never hearing, seeing, or particiapating in this type of movement before will open thier minds. We would like to think that listening to our music motivates people to get out and learn more, be active, and second guess Conformity and the Typical way to life your life. OnA MovE

Long Live the GoodMorniG RevolutioN

mas cosas

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KLEP·TO·CRAT NA·TION (klep´te krat na´ shen), n. 1. a body of people ruled by thieves. 2. a government characterized by the practice of transferring money and power from the many to the few. 3. a ruling class of moneyed elites that usurps liberty, justice, sovereignty, and other democratic rights from the people. 4. the USA in 2003.