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E-mail Tommy How Sleazy You Are

Tommy Teabagger (a.k.a. Tommy Salami, Tommy Tokyo, Tommy Talleywacker) hails from Youngstown but is now a Clevelander. He plays bass and sings back-up vocals. Tommy is responsible for the mad swarms of horny stage-storming women who come to our shows. I have yet to meet the woman who can resist his sexual prowess.

Tommy has played with such groups as "The Chaperones, Pickle, Knappy Headed Crack Bitch", and other cock-rock oriented bands.

PERSONAL QUOTE: "I'm here to get my fingers stinky!"

  • Favorite Movie: "Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinkin' Your Juice In The Hood"
  • Favorite Song: (Anything by Eazy-E)
  • Favorite Pastime: Hanging out at construction sites just so he can whistle at girls passing by without being noticed
  • Favorite Food: Tommy's diet = Taco Bell & Fur Burgers
  • Best Pick-Up Line: "Ever had a Dirty Sanchez?"
More Pics Below!

He is The Rock Star Pimp of The Universe 

"Come a little closer, sweetie.
I got some candy for ya!" 

Tommy showing his stuff on
Damian's old car..."Pink Fury" 

 "COME BACK to our main page...I miss you already!"