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History of dEAD sET aGAINST!

DSA are a five piece band based in Stoke-on-Trent.  Their sound is  driving ska punk guitar and drums with heavy reggae bass lines and to top it off both male and female vocals putting the point across. As the name suggests dEAD sET aGAINST attempts to cross important social issues with songs such as "Tear Down The Cities" a revolution song, "Sink Or Swim" a song about capitalism, "Upper Class Murder" a song tackling the wrongs of fox hunting, "All The Soldiers" an anti-war song and perhaps the song that sums up the bands individual style and sound is "One Humanity" which is pretty self explanatory.  

The band was formed in 1994 and have only two original members in their current, and most productive, line up.  They are Holky - vocals and Tilly - guitars and vocals.  Other members are Muff - drums who has been stable since 1997 and Kevo - "bassmeister" who joined in 1998.  Last, but not least, is Rae - female vocalist who joined in 1999.

The band have a strong local following, in sunny Stoke, and have played several gigs around the country and they are also planning to do lots more in the future, see gig list.  They have played with the likes of The Vibrators, PAIN, PMT, Active Minds, Kismet, Captain Sensible, GBH, Contempt, Doo the Moog and Destination Venus.

Releases to date are "No Yourself" which came out in 1994.  This contains 11 tracks of old but still classic DSA tracks.  "New Life" was released in 1998 and contains 8 tracks.  A new release is imminent in the near future, containing the bands new vocal and driving bass sound which is some of the best material written to date.

Here is what the band think about each other

VOCALS:  The giant of us all, Holky (aka Rich) is also an original member of the band. His strong vocals will blow you away (literally)! He's a very cheeky chappie and likes his beer very much indeed, he's a great entertainer and may even strip for you, if your lucky!

(comment by Rachel) SEE PIC

VOCALS: Rachel,  newest member of the band with some serious dreadlocks, drinks occasionally. She got into the band because the guitarist fancied her (no just kidding). She's a cool singer and being in one of the best looking and sounding band in the world, she fits in perfectly.

(comment by Kev) SEE PIC

LEAD GUITARIST & VOCALS: Tilly, Original member of the band, with the biggest mother of dreads I've ever seen, he has no tattoos (virgin skin). He's studying at Derby Uni and he also writes most of the songs (if not all). He is well into his guitar pedals which gives the band some of its unique sound.

(comment by muff) SEE PIC

BASS GUITARIST: Kevo, 29yr old bass player formerly with "Scherzo" and also "Kismet". He joined DSA in 1998 and has been steady since, his heavy finger style sound and laid back  personality gives the band its skip to the beat driving sound.

(comment by Tilly ) SEE PIC

DRUMMER: Muff, Quiet lad, doesn't say much but get him behind a drum kit and he makes loads of noise (which sounds really good too). He comes in handy if you want you car fixed too. No ones quite sure when he joined the band, but the lads doing well, so he's going to be with the band for a lot longer. Formerly a member of "Internicine" and also "Kismet". He's also a walking homage to artwork!

(comment by Holky) SEE PIC