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Drk Punk Poetry
Wed, May 2 2007
.I Feel.
Mood:  blue
Topic: Poetry

.In Loving Memory Of Brandon Bunnell.

He was my best friend and cousin. I could tell him everything. The more i moved away the more we got farther apart. I miss him very much. We were best friends for life. He was my best friend! Brandon and I had dated once for about two weeks but decided it wasnt best since we didnt want to ruin our relationship. Both of our older sisters hung out all the time. [Which is how we met] Well i moved to Pleasantville in March. We started not to keep in touch even tho we promised we would. On May 4th of 2006i found out that he had been shot and died the night before. I felt lost and confussed. I didnt know what to do. I wanted to cry but i couldnt let it out. I wanted to see him again. I ran out of school crying when i found out. That night my sister had came and got me to take me to Osky to spend time with my friends and his family. The whole neighborhood was there. All with candles outside his house. My world was gone. He was gone. I cried once. I went to his visitation and bawled. Went and stayed at my aunts that night and was sitting outside smoking a cig. and looking at his Booklet and our old yearbook and i was on my knees crying. Wanting him back. I couldnt do a thing about it. Ever since im careful of who i get attached to. I wont ever have Brandon back so why try for someone else when my best friend passed away. Tomorrow May 3, 2007 will be a entire yr without Brandon. In memory of Brandon. I want everyone to pray that he is better and we all love him. And pray that no one ever dies the way he had to! Thnx.


Posted by punk/drkpunkpoetry at 7:31 AM
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Mon, Apr 30 2007
Mood:  blue
Topic: Poetry

I feel miused and misplaced
Is this what you wanted?
To use me lyk a peice of ass?
Well if so, are you happy now?
Cause im not
Im hurt and confussed
You promised you wouldnt hurt me
But look what happened
Moving on from one to another
One of these days
We all will feel misused and misplaced
And when you are needing a hand
We will walk away
To show you how much you hurt us
When we were in need of a hand
We will prove it will never happen again
Than maybe you will feel what i feel
Misused and misplaced!

Posted by punk/drkpunkpoetry at 10:57 AM
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.Im Different Now.
Mood:  bright
Topic: Poetry

.Im Different Now.

Everybody is actin different
Everybodyis treatin me different
Is it cuz they know
Know what ive been hiding all along
Im just lyk them
Why cant i be normal
She means everything to me
My heart
My soul
Why cant they see that
I would take a bullet for her
I would do anything
She makes me feel happy
And shows me somone actually cares
They are acting lyk they never knew
But i can see it in their eyes that they know
I might lyk girls but im just lyk them too
I tell you all once and only once
*I love her always*

Posted by punk/drkpunkpoetry at 7:33 AM
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.Do You Really.
Mood:  bright
Topic: Poetry

.Do You Really.

You say i mean everything to you
But you treat me lyk shit
You told me you couldnt live without me
But you are willing to ditch me
You told me you love me
Do you really?
Should i give up trying
Tell me before my crashes
Its about to crush my soul
So tell me
Do you really love me?

Posted by punk/drkpunkpoetry at 7:28 AM
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.Make It.
Mood:  bright

.Make It.

Make it deep
Make it hurt
Make me scream
Dont stop til you did the job
Blood may flow but dont back out now
Make it deeper
Make me moan
Make it hurt more than ever
Dont slow down
Hurts so bad it feels good
Dont stop after a couple
Move around so its more unnoticeable
Make it deeper
Make it hurt
Make me scream
Stick it in more than ever
Pull it out slow
Makin it hurt worse
Im beggin myself not to stop yet
It feels so good
So take another razor
And make it deeper
Make it hurt
Make me moan
Dont stop yet!

Pain = Evil = good

Posted by punk/drkpunkpoetry at 7:21 AM
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Mood:  energetic
Topic: Poetry


As blood flows to the floor
and pain sreads around my body
tears are glidin down my cheeks
Why is it no one lyks me?
As i get light headed
I whip the blood off the floor
as it hurts so bad
it feels good
Cold air blowin at it
giving it a lil bit of a sting
I whip the blood from my wrist
when i realized
How bad i truely want him
i feel dizzy
Im losin to much blood
i drop to the floor
I cant move
What do i do
should i yell for help
i open my mouth
but the words wont come out
Im so alone
what do i do
As black takes over my vision
im losin control i tell myself
"Help someone" i yell in my mind
as black is all i see
And im out as i say "Baby, I love you"

Posted by punk/drkpunkpoetry at 7:17 AM
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Fri, Apr 27 2007
.No One.
Mood:  not sure
Topic: Poetry

I love no one
Cuz no one
Loves me,
So why should
I keep trying
to see if someone
feels the same

You always hurt the people you love and not the ones you hate. Cuz you know that the ones you love will always be there.

Posted by punk/drkpunkpoetry at 8:52 AM
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.You Call Me Scurvy.
Mood:  blue
Topic: Poetry

You call me scurvy because of you I hang out with and where I live. Let me tell you something. The people I hang out with are probably 100% more trust worthy than your dumbasses. And as far as where I live, you have no fucking clue what my family have been through. At least its a roof over our heads. Me and my friends are the same as you, but at the same time different. Besides you laugh at us for being different, and yet we laugh at you for being the same dumbass looking Barbie Dolls.

Posted by punk/drkpunkpoetry at 8:50 AM
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.Sister Sister.
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: Poetry

.Sister Sister.

When you'ra all alone
And feeling down
You need someone
To change your frown.

She'll make you laugh
When you want to cry
You have to tell her the truth
Cause she'll know if you lie.

You can count on her
And she can count on you
When she says,"I promise..."
You know that its true

She is there by your side
No matter what you do
Your sister is more than just family
She's a friend through and through

Posted by punk/drkpunkpoetry at 8:46 AM
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Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Poetry


Your lips on my own makes my body grow numb
I taste the effects oof Ecstacy on your tongue
You open my legs and your body splits mine
We watch each other as our sweat glistens and shines
In my body, throbs of pleasure and pain blow
My skin is on fire in this icy-cold room
A moan escapes from my throat to your ear
Sweet whispersof naughty fantases is what you hear
I scream out your name as i told you what i wanted
Your body moves faster with each syllable flaunted
The bed is creaking and the sheets are now damp
We grunt and we moan as our muscles cramp
A sweet explosion in my body, exceeding through life and death
Yet soon replaced by your rough, jagged breath
A light kiss finishes the event as we rest
A heavy heart beat threatening to burst my chest.

Posted by punk/drkpunkpoetry at 7:19 AM
Updated: Fri, Apr 27 2007 8:56 AM
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