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muhammad nazrul nizam
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mostly anything related with music. nowadays i love to go to concert and live. can play guitar but not that good. have some collection of cds mostly
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Monday, July 11, 2005 (5:05 PM) -

yesterday and two days before.. i was living with a very nice japanese family. yeah... i went to homestay.

we (me and other overseas students) departed from kisarazu kosen early on saturday morning. then we took bus to the place that we supposed to gather. we were very lucky because before we arrived there we encountered with a japanese festival and took some pictures of it.

anyway, we arrived early and have to wait for the students from chiba university to arrive coz they also in the same programme with us. after all have arrived we went to some hall and there i saw lots of japanese family waiting for their 'children'. then i noticed that there were no one waiting for me... just a card that wrote 'selamat datang muhammad nazrul nizam'.

one of the staff there, watto san, came to me and told me that my family cannot be with me at this moment so she will be taking me to them later... (and surprisingly, she is talking to me in bahasa melayu. she said she had been in malaysia a long time ago doing homestay) so i kind of reliefe coz i remembered austin powers 3 movie at that time when he asked for his father to stand up and his father wasn't there, and people starting to laugh hehe...

then we had to introduced ourselves one by one with our family in front of others. and i did well :). after that we separated and its up to our family now to do anything with us. for me, watto san bring me to some place, a community place where you can just see old ladies and small kids. there i met my 'mum'.

but before that, in watto's car, i really surprise when watto can really speak bm fluently. like she'd been living in malaysia for along time. and her pronunciation was perfect! then she told me that she is actually learn bahasa melayu. and then she told to me about hippo.

hippo is like a small group of people learning 19 languages in some fun and efficient technics. they will listen to some tapes of stories and songs in variety languages. every weekend they will gather and having fun while learning those languages.

so i met my mum. the time i met her, she was giving a presentation to a group of people about her vacation in italy in italian language. i was like.. whoa... my foster mum can speak italia... that's cool!

then i have to introduce my self to this group of people including my mum. and they wanted me to do it in bm first. i was confused... do they really understand wut im going to say? anyway i did it and they kind of excited. then of coz i did the japanese version. and they all like very impressive with my nihongo. after my introduction we went for lunch at this nice place. but before that one of the group member (a young japanese gurl ehem ehem... not that young la... 27 hehe) ask me wut other languages i can speak besides bm and nihongo. so i told her i can speak english. she was so excited and started talking to me in english. actually she was a graduated student from one of the university in london. so she can speak english fluently. and she talk to me like in a very polite way...

we had lunch in a nice restaurant. a japanese restaurant. my mum belanje me one set of delicious dish. and then we started to talk. all of them really excited to know my background including do i have a gf or not. haha... when i said i have one the first thing they said "nihonjin?". that was "japanese?" in english. haha... do i look like a i-have-a-japanese-girlfriend type of guy? hehe... nway.. i told them about my gf. and they began really excited to know about that more than myself. i really dont understand japanese people hehe... and the girl i talk about before.. the girl that can speak english fluently... she began to talk to me in japanese and not so polite anymore... really showing me her true self now... hehe... now i really cant understand japanese people.

so after lunch we went to kimitsu (a city next to kisarazu) for another activities with some new group of peoples.

to be continue....


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CRAPPED!! said...

What kind of group is that? fuu...scarriiieee...

Guess you can't speak in BM and pretend it's Vietnam...betunamugo
haha...remember our day out in tokyo in the train??

4:57 PM  
idaharyani said...

org yang can speak multilanguage ni mmg mantap...i can only speak malay and english..dua pun dah kira terrer alallaa...heeee:)

5:00 AM  

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