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muhammad nazrul nizam
20 and still going
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mostly anything related with music. nowadays i love to go to concert and live. can play guitar but not that good. have some collection of cds mostly
punk/emo/ska bands. love to travel with friends and visit
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 (9:20 PM) -
A Very Hot Day

yeah... its so hot here and its still not summer yet... wonder how hot would it be during summer...

today, after class we had a bowling competition between the teachers, other overseas students and our tutors. i had fun and so do the others. im so surprise that everyone really can bowl. i thought that they all like.. ya know.. a real amateur. but i was wrong. and the surprise get even interesting when the last one i thought that really cant bowl get a big score... i mean so big that he won the competition.... damn... now i know niggers really can bowl. nway congrats to him and pak lan also coz he got second place (eventhough i beated him last time at tokyo). and me? haha... i get good score but not that good. even my class teacher get score higher than me. haha...

ah boon scored big today but not the bowling score (he cant beat 100 even he add up his two scores haha... ). he took picture with somaiyeh tutor. haha... actually he kind of waiting (from the first time we met her) to take a picture with her. i know.. i can see from his face huhu...

the summer holiday getting closer... cant wait to meet friends and my beloved girlfriend hehe.... hope my first summer will be the last thing that i would forget on this life. not last.. maybe second or third last... hahaha...

this weekend, i will go to tokyo again. i am malaysia representative for badminton single and double. percaye tak? haha... actually its a game between the ASEAN country held at the woman university near shinjuku, tokyo. kind of interesting event so i join... good luck to me!!!


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Anonymous said...

good luck to ur badminton match...well in some way d luck back 2 me..huh?
anyway i think ur fren is not like tat la...i noe him 2 he is a gud guy !! u better dun make ur own assumption!!maybe he jus wanna make fren...after all wat it has to do wif u ??

6:49 PM  
nazrul said...

huh.. of coz it has to do with me.. i took the picture hahaha

8:29 PM  

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