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muhammad nazrul nizam
20 and still going
now in Kisarazu, Japan
mostly anything related with music. nowadays i love to go to concert and live. can play guitar but not that good. have some collection of cds mostly
punk/emo/ska bands. love to travel with friends and visit
new places.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005 (1:32 PM) -
Programming or Guitar?

yesterday i was scolded by my sensei coz im not ganbatte enough in programming. he said that if i stays like this i will not able to graduate my third year here. lepas kene marah insaf la sket. then i went back to my room and started practising my guitar hahaha (bukan nak berlatih programming). thanx to bing for introduced me guitar-pro (a very good and easy software for learning guitar). and now i can play alkaline trio's crawl from intro til the end. wahahaha. and im still learning to play ataris's looking back on today and sugarcult's memory. fyi i learned crawl for just one day. hope that i can improved my skills by learning all of these songs. at the end, of coz i chosed guitar over programming hahaha... im bad.... so bad... insaf la woi!


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