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muhammad nazrul nizam
20 and still going
now in Kisarazu, Japan
mostly anything related with music. nowadays i love to go to concert and live. can play guitar but not that good. have some collection of cds mostly
punk/emo/ska bands. love to travel with friends and visit
new places.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 (1:48 AM) -
Still In Holiday

tired!!! but happy!!!! now in cyber cafe near tokyo wasting time to end this night. eventhough im back from my holiday at kansai but i still in my holiday... in my hometown. a lot of things to write... a lot of interesting things had happen... i just dunno how to write it for you guys... it is just the best first summer and it still summer!!! damn... just dont want to end this holiday... later i will put up my pictures of maizuru, kyoto, osaka, nagoya, tokyo and all the places i`d been during this holiday!!! yeah!!!
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Monday, July 11, 2005 (5:05 PM) -

yesterday and two days before.. i was living with a very nice japanese family. yeah... i went to homestay.

we (me and other overseas students) departed from kisarazu kosen early on saturday morning. then we took bus to the place that we supposed to gather. we were very lucky because before we arrived there we encountered with a japanese festival and took some pictures of it.

anyway, we arrived early and have to wait for the students from chiba university to arrive coz they also in the same programme with us. after all have arrived we went to some hall and there i saw lots of japanese family waiting for their 'children'. then i noticed that there were no one waiting for me... just a card that wrote 'selamat datang muhammad nazrul nizam'.

one of the staff there, watto san, came to me and told me that my family cannot be with me at this moment so she will be taking me to them later... (and surprisingly, she is talking to me in bahasa melayu. she said she had been in malaysia a long time ago doing homestay) so i kind of reliefe coz i remembered austin powers 3 movie at that time when he asked for his father to stand up and his father wasn't there, and people starting to laugh hehe...

then we had to introduced ourselves one by one with our family in front of others. and i did well :). after that we separated and its up to our family now to do anything with us. for me, watto san bring me to some place, a community place where you can just see old ladies and small kids. there i met my 'mum'.

but before that, in watto's car, i really surprise when watto can really speak bm fluently. like she'd been living in malaysia for along time. and her pronunciation was perfect! then she told me that she is actually learn bahasa melayu. and then she told to me about hippo.

hippo is like a small group of people learning 19 languages in some fun and efficient technics. they will listen to some tapes of stories and songs in variety languages. every weekend they will gather and having fun while learning those languages.

so i met my mum. the time i met her, she was giving a presentation to a group of people about her vacation in italy in italian language. i was like.. whoa... my foster mum can speak italia... that's cool!

then i have to introduce my self to this group of people including my mum. and they wanted me to do it in bm first. i was confused... do they really understand wut im going to say? anyway i did it and they kind of excited. then of coz i did the japanese version. and they all like very impressive with my nihongo. after my introduction we went for lunch at this nice place. but before that one of the group member (a young japanese gurl ehem ehem... not that young la... 27 hehe) ask me wut other languages i can speak besides bm and nihongo. so i told her i can speak english. she was so excited and started talking to me in english. actually she was a graduated student from one of the university in london. so she can speak english fluently. and she talk to me like in a very polite way...

we had lunch in a nice restaurant. a japanese restaurant. my mum belanje me one set of delicious dish. and then we started to talk. all of them really excited to know my background including do i have a gf or not. haha... when i said i have one the first thing they said "nihonjin?". that was "japanese?" in english. haha... do i look like a i-have-a-japanese-girlfriend type of guy? hehe... nway.. i told them about my gf. and they began really excited to know about that more than myself. i really dont understand japanese people hehe... and the girl i talk about before.. the girl that can speak english fluently... she began to talk to me in japanese and not so polite anymore... really showing me her true self now... hehe... now i really cant understand japanese people.

so after lunch we went to kimitsu (a city next to kisarazu) for another activities with some new group of peoples.

to be continue....
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Wednesday, July 06, 2005 (8:57 PM) -
My New Boombox!

yeah, a new entertainment in my room. i bought it yesterday. thought it would be packed in a little box but i was wrong... had to carry it about 7km with my bicycle. lucky that ah boon was with me at that time. takla nampak ganjil bawak kotak besar naik beskal sesorang. i've been looking for mini compo when i just came here... this new panasonic 710sd really caught my eyes with its new playable sd card. very cool. i bought black color coz i think its cool and kind of mystery... ya know.. and i like black, besides blue... ok ok... actually i wanted to buy the white one but the white one has finished.. i have to wait for the next day... naa... then thats why i chosed black. i cant longer wait for tomorrow haha. the sound is good... better than my pc speaker. it can play wma and mp3... so its really my stuffs. anyway, the mini compo is made in malaysia... hehe... beli jauh jauh last last made in malaysia... takpe, at least i can be proud of it. now my room is 80% perfect. just waited for other two things.... ps2 and of coz, big screen flat tv... not plasma la. my bro will send my ps2 from malaysia... after i get the ps2, then i will think about the tv. hehe... bile dah beli nanti ade la citer pasal tu... jgn risau. yosh!!!
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Monday, July 04, 2005 (10:03 PM) -
Tired Weekend

yeah... it was a tired weekend for me. attending sport festival and jalan jalan kat tokyo. fooh... the sport festival was fun. i met with lots of people and became friend with one or two of them. its really nice to know people that was from the same region as you. FYI i lost badminton to vietnamese. hehe... actually me and my partner, ah boon should have won but we just blom panas lagi at that time hehe... and at the same time, me and ah boon became friend with two nice vietnamese. tin and miya. they were really nice and clever too. miya is from todai (the famous tokyo university) while tin is from tokodai (like MIT).

after the festival, went to watch movie at kabukicho. just me, paklan, nadia, munzir and ijat. we watched uchuu no sensou (war of the world). i think it was a great movie. especially the graphic. 5 out of 5!!! but paklan and others think it was a waste of time and money. maaa... hito ni yotte chigau yo. hehe. we went back to the student house (where we usually stay when we came to tokyo) after the show and the next day faiz came and we went to mahathir restaurant for lunch. i had 1200yen nasil lemak here. yeah... expensive, i know....

after lunch we went to harajuku (again?), lepak lepak and then went back to kisarazu. during journey back, made something for my brother. hehe.... and it is a secret thing. so.. it was a tired day.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 (9:20 PM) -
A Very Hot Day

yeah... its so hot here and its still not summer yet... wonder how hot would it be during summer...

today, after class we had a bowling competition between the teachers, other overseas students and our tutors. i had fun and so do the others. im so surprise that everyone really can bowl. i thought that they all like.. ya know.. a real amateur. but i was wrong. and the surprise get even interesting when the last one i thought that really cant bowl get a big score... i mean so big that he won the competition.... damn... now i know niggers really can bowl. nway congrats to him and pak lan also coz he got second place (eventhough i beated him last time at tokyo). and me? haha... i get good score but not that good. even my class teacher get score higher than me. haha...

ah boon scored big today but not the bowling score (he cant beat 100 even he add up his two scores haha... ). he took picture with somaiyeh tutor. haha... actually he kind of waiting (from the first time we met her) to take a picture with her. i know.. i can see from his face huhu...

the summer holiday getting closer... cant wait to meet friends and my beloved girlfriend hehe.... hope my first summer will be the last thing that i would forget on this life. not last.. maybe second or third last... hahaha...

this weekend, i will go to tokyo again. i am malaysia representative for badminton single and double. percaye tak? haha... actually its a game between the ASEAN country held at the woman university near shinjuku, tokyo. kind of interesting event so i join... good luck to me!!!
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Sunday, June 26, 2005 (3:31 AM) -
Not About Me

well... long time no update... sorry. last week was great. saturday i went to see my school gig and have some fun collecting shell with other oversea students here at kisarazu. well that was last week... lazy to write about it again (actually i'd written about it but somehow this blogger got a problem and the long interesting-full of exitement-written story was erased just like that... im so angry about it and boikot my own blog for a week. hehe) this week... just passed by like a normal week for me. but not for somebody else.

yeah... we often think that its just enough for us to be happy and then we shouldn't think about anything else anymore. well... thats not right (for me). actually i shouldn't talk about wut im going to talk later but i just feel i want to write something about it without making any publicity and i dont know where i should write about it if not my own blog so that it can be a lesson to other people and me of coz. i know i will (when i got the same problem in my life later i can easily read about it here...) well... maybe i will write a little... a secure one.. i dont want to be hated by anyone. and i think this site secure enough... who else read my blog other than my bro, ainee (she's my blog maniac), syieda (unlike ainee she like to keep herself invisible but i know she read my blog :), wong? r u there? hehe... and other friends to name a few... rumors said my father read my blog... huhu... scared.... ok back to the story... its about my friend. yup... this is not about me anymore... its about other people's life.

he has or should i say had a gf. his gf is my friend also. they were together for about a year (or more?). i look up to them... they were my idols. i love them. they were like a perfect couple to me. but somehow, we all not perfect.. yeah... we have to accept that. they broke up. i know that i dont have anything to do with their break up but the way they broke up... just break my heart. they not supposed to be like this. its like watching your favourite band broke up. yeah.. just like gin blossoms and fenix tx. they produced a very good album and a promising one but something came and they just broke up... just like that.... why we making relationship when we know it will just going nowhere... we just make a false hope to people around us and especially to our partners. and wut i learned from this story is life will not always be fairy tales. yeah... fairy tales.. the story we've been told by our parents when we just a little child.

maybe im just making this a big deal. but i know this is very important to our life (if not i will not going to write about it at 4.00 in the morning). maybe not now but someday. thats wut life about. we creating it by making other people's life as a guidance. learn from them. i know i've learn something today. and i will not do the same to the one i love (you know who u r :)) this is a promise i made to myself. and i only hate 2 people in this world . people that cant keep his promise... and the dutch! (hehe... the second one was a lie... i like austin powers!!!) so if i cant keep my promise i will hate myself.. for the rest of my life.

huh... little huh... anyway im also not a perfect person (eventhough theres someone here that always say that i am a perfect guy... and he keep saying i am like a celebrity here at this school.. but i think he just want to make me super happy and then he can used me or something like that... always cannot trust niggers... they just sweet in talking...)so if i make any mistake here... just forgive me and you can freely argue with me by write your own comments. i hope for a comment here... just to make sure that i am right about this.
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Saturday, June 18, 2005 (1:32 PM) -
Programming or Guitar?

yesterday i was scolded by my sensei coz im not ganbatte enough in programming. he said that if i stays like this i will not able to graduate my third year here. lepas kene marah insaf la sket. then i went back to my room and started practising my guitar hahaha (bukan nak berlatih programming). thanx to bing for introduced me guitar-pro (a very good and easy software for learning guitar). and now i can play alkaline trio's crawl from intro til the end. wahahaha. and im still learning to play ataris's looking back on today and sugarcult's memory. fyi i learned crawl for just one day. hope that i can improved my skills by learning all of these songs. at the end, of coz i chosed guitar over programming hahaha... im bad.... so bad... insaf la woi!
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